Source the Wealth:

service (Culinary)



Birth Place:

Algiers, Algeria

Marital Status:

Married (Hasty Khoei)

Full Name:

Jacques Torres


American, French and also Algerian

Date that Birth:

June 14, 1959




Pastry Chef and also Chocolatier


1 (Pierre)

About Jacques Torres

French understand pastry chef, Jacques Torres, recognized as “Mr. Chocolate” has actually an estimated net worth of $4 million. Jacques Torres is just one of the most beloved and highly related to pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the world. He is the cacao Executive Officer of Jacques Torres Chocolate, through two areas in Manhattan and also one in DUMBO in Brooklyn, whereby he produces and also sells his very own line of hand-crafted chocolates and also other deluxe confectionary products. Prior to opening his cacao outlets, Torres was the executive, management pastry cook at brand-new York City’s well known Le Cirque for over a decade, whereby he served presidents, kings, and celebrities.

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As one of the country’s best-known names in chocolate, Torres proceeds to judge global competitions and also participate in culinary events as well as opens his kitchen come aspiring students that share his passion for the arts of chocolate. Torres donates his time to many national charity organizations, consisting of the American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, god Love we Deliver, brand-new York’s tough of hear Association, Sloan Kettering Cancer study Center, and the combination to benefit Children.

In 1998, Torres exit a 52 episode public television series, “Dessert Circus v Jacques Torres,” together with two companion cookbooks, Dessert Circus: extraordinary Desserts You have the right to Make at Home, i m sorry earned a 1999 James Beard award nomination, and also Dessert Circus at Home. Current ventures incorporate the cookbook A Year in Chocolate, released in 2008 to rave reviews, and the opening of The Jacques Torres ice Cream Shop in 2009. Currently, Torres serves as the Dean the Pastry Arts in ~ The French cooking Institute. Torres flourished up in Bandol, France, a small town in the southern an ar of Provence.

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Jacques Torres gained his network worth by gift a master pastry chief who has won numerous awards and has written 2 dessert books.

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