Although the One Direction boys seem to favor tiny little scribbles as soon as it involves inking up your bodies, Louis lastly moved on come bigger (although not necessarily better) things once he upped the ante and got his number 78 and “It is what the is” chest tattoos. Both of Louis’ chest tattoos remained a mystery for rather a while since of your discreet location, and many people are tho unaware that what Louis’ chest tattoos in reality say. (Obviously Louis demands to take off his shirt much more often.) Don’t worry though; we’ve acquired the inside scoop on all of Louis Tomlinson’s tattoos and also their meanings, therefore check back with united state frequently due to the fact that the One Direction singer absolutely isn’t done acquiring inked!

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“It is What the Is” Tattoo top top Louis’ Chest

Shortly ~ Harry formats debuted the tattoo the two huge swallows top top his chest, louis Tomlinson adhered to suit and got his own huge chest tattoo analysis “It is what that is” in an ornate scrolling manuscript font. Louis’ chest tattoo to be inked in ~ a London tattoo shop in march 2013, and also reaches from his left shoulder every the method across his chest to his appropriate shoulder, just above his tattoo that the number 78. We’re not totally sure what louis Tomlinson was thinking as soon as he obtained the giant “It is what the is” tattoo on his chest, yet we do know the meaning behind it. “It is What the Is” is the name of a track performed by the tape Lifehouse, which consists of the lyrics: “Too long we’ve to be denying, now we’re both tired of trying / we hit a wall and us can’t acquire over it / Nothing to relive, it’s water under the bridge / You said it, I obtain it, ns guess it is what it is.” Uh oh Louis, trouble in paradise?

Louis’ Number 78 Chest Tattoo

Update: Louis Tomlinson’s mommy revealed the definition behind the singer’s mysterious “78” chest tattoo on Twitter in September 2013. Follow to mommy Johannah, “For those who have asked me about the ’78’ tattoo ~ above Louis chest…It to be the house number of his Nan & Grandad that he adored xxxx.” Aww!! louis is obviously maintaining the memory of his late grandparents close come his heart. For this reason cute!

Just below his “It is what the is” tattoo, louis sports one more chest tat illustrating the number 78 in a faded black and white design. Most civilization think that Louis’ 78 chest tattoo actually features the number 70, however the white line the intersects the center of the numbers simply makes it hard to watch the line that provides the 2nd number one 8, not a 0. The definition behind luigi Tomlinson’s tattoo has remained a little bit of a mystery, since the singer hasn’t talked about the octopus in public, however we have a few good guesses regarding what the number 78 can represent. Louis is obviously a large fan of football (soccer), due to the fact that he used to play prior to his One Direction days and actually bought his residence town’s soccer team, The three Horseshoes, in august 2012, after ~ finding the end that they didn’t have enough funds come buy brand-new uniforms.

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Probably 78 to be Louis’ uniform number ago in his footie days? The number 78 could likewise represent the year 1978, similar to Justin Bieber’s tattoo the the year 1975 top top his chest and Selena Gomez’s tattoo of the year 1976 ~ above the ago of she neck. Do you recognize the an interpretation behind Louis’ 78 chest tat?