Season that the favored went live in Destiny 2 today, and also with the a whole new set of points to grind for. For this reason far, this things—new armor, guns, and also exotic gear—seem nice cool, with interesting new perks to do them worth chasing. However I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already feeling daunted by yet another collection of artifacts, update nodes, and also season happen rewards to rank up.

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The villains du jour this time roughly are remnants of the Red Legion, a faction that currently controls the Cabal and is loosely inspired by the roman Empire. Empress Caiatl, daughter that year one raid boss Callus, wants you and the Vanguard to pledge allegiance to her, however of food Zavala, Osiris and co. Aren’t having actually it. And so the two sides room at war (again), giving a new reason come shoot soldier of lumbering an are Goombas in search of new rewards and lore dumps.

I’ve played roughly with the brand-new content for around three hrs now. So far most of my impressions are pretty positive, despite I’m much less hopeful about the bigger existential questions swirling about Destiny 2 together it passes the halfway suggest of its fourth year. This is a rapid rundown:

The launching area for Season of the liked is dubbed the H.E.L.M., which is an acronym for Destiny gibberish that exited one ear soon after beginning the other. It’s a large space complete of hallways and closed doors that seem likely to open up up later on in the season or sometime further down the road. In the while it’s sort of empty and lonely, despite I carry out love the Star Trek: The next Generation-style refined wood bordering the war table.

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The war table is where you grab seasonal bounties, update seasonal nodes, and also cash in seasonal money for brand-new seasonal engrams. It appears modeled after ~ Variks’ upgrade nodes native Europa, which to be nice and also streamlined compared to seasons past.The H.E.L.M. Is likewise where the Prismatic Recaster, brought ago from Season 11, is currently located. Below you deserve to refocus Umbral Engrams, i m sorry have additionally returned, transforming them right into Season that the favored weapons and also armor or into random gear from the remainder of the game’s present loot pool. It shows up to it is in currency-based, quite than upgrade-driven like the initial version, which is a relief, because grinding that thing the first time about was pains enough.