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- Why didn"t her mom adjust the wig later?

- Actually, we got separated when I to be eight. I got lost.

- friend trying come tell me you"ve to be on your own since eight year old?

- quite much, man. It"s a lengthy story, actually.

- hear to you. What"s the story here? I"m a white-trash idiot. The end.

- Hey, is this whereby you desire to be once Jesus come back, man? Making funny of poor little Joe Dirt?

- Probably, due to the fact that I"m certain Yahweh would be chiming in, too.

- That"s funny, "cause my mom used to say that to me if she caught me doing stuff. Choose one time, i was jerkin" mine gherkin. Deserve to I to speak that? and also she goes, Is this wherein you desire to be when Jesus comes back?

- She sounds choose a actual winner, and also it"s exceptional to me the you turn out choose you did v that sort of, uh, mentoring.

- Hey, man, I... I can"t speak don"t make fun of me, yet you yes, really shouldn"t make fun of mine mom.

- Hey, girlfriend guys, girlfriend gotta come hear this man on the Zander show.


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Well, that could be her problem. It"s not what friend like. It"s the consumer.
You see that moon? girlfriend don"t recognize how countless nights I invested alone staring at the moon wonder if in ~ that specific moment, my mommy or mine dad was looking at the exact same moon. And for that quick second, us were with each other again, sort of, you know?
Do it again, I"ll stab you in the challenge with a soldering iron.
You boys acquired something come say to me? Why don"t you talk in the microphone?
Jeez, drive this piece of crap off a cliff. Carry out us all a favor.
Joe dust (2001) Sound Clip


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Actors: David Spade (Joe Dirt), Brittany Daniel (Brandy), Dennis fearbut (Zander Kelly), Christopher walk (Clem)

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