In unshened use, they\"re pretty much equivalent. As a aboriginal speaker, I\"d speak they have the right to both express uncertainty or doubt:

\"I caught a ten-foot trout yesterday.\"

\"Oh, is that so?\"

They can likewise both act together placeholders in conversation, phrases used to acknowledge that one party is listening come the various other or to move the conversation along without making any type of substantive remark:

\"I ran right into your aunt Karen at the park yesterday.

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\"Oh really?\"

The particular purpose counts in large part ~ above the speaker\"s phrasing and also intonation.

For what it\"s worth, \"Is that so?\" has enjoyed much higher prevalence, follow to this ngram.

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I view \"Is that so\" together confrontational, commonly expressing disbelief or difficulty rather than simply doubt. \"Oh, really?\" sometimes expresses doubt, and sometimes indifference. The specific meaning of either phrase strongly relies on context and also manner.

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Emphasis ~ above the \"that\" offers a an adverse tone, focus on the \"so\" provides a curious tone.Same for oh really: emphasis on the \"really\" is confronting, focus on the \"oh\" is curious. This is only my experience with the terms in my culture, human body language or general melody that the social language can change the preferred effect of anything friend say.

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I view them together equal, with either having actually the potential that confrontation if yielded in together a manner. Lock could additionally demonstrate an excellent interest and/or fascination. I see is the so as being used an ext by middle-aged to somewhat older folks, and also really supplied by a middle-aged come younger people. The \"oh\" is optional.

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