RiceGum is the online handle of American YouTuber and also Twitch streamer Bryan Le, finest known because that his roasting video series This Kid have to Be Stopped, in which that oftens mocks users of the video-sharing social network Musical.ly.

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On September 24th, 2012, the RiceGum YouTube channel was launched. On October 2nd, the an initial video to be uploaded come the channel, featuring clip from the game Call that Duty: modern-day Warfare 3 (shown below).

On December 8th, RiceGum uploaded a video clip titled "THESE youngsters MUST it is in STOPPED". The video clip gained over 7.5 million views, through 200,000 likes. The video helped obtain RiceGum popularity, as conveniently after, he gained over 800,000 subscribers. <2> another frequent user who appears in RiceGum"s videos is Jacob Sartorious, that blew up turn off the site musical.ly, but has likewise gained a adhering to on YouTube. RiceGum"s many popular video on Sartorious is "Jacob Sartorius Roasted ME AGAIN (DISS TRACK)", which acquired over 6 million views, and also 250,000 likes.

On Twitch

RiceGum has got notoriety together a Call that Duty streamer top top Twitch, i m sorry he"s gained over 1,500,000 total views, and has 180,000 followers. <1>


AfroGum is a character presented together RiceGum"s friend, and producer the his diss tracks. There are plenty of AfroGum parody accounts, through the largest having actually over 50,000 followers<3>. In a video clip with popular YouTube pranker and vlogger, fouseyTube, a story to be created, in i m sorry AfroGum it s okay kidnapped, and also RiceGum and Fousey need to diss each other to win him over. The video gained end 2 million views, through 250,000 likes.

Travis Barker Incident

In June the 2016, RiceGum uploaded a video titled "The following Jacob Sartorius (GIRL VERSION)". The video, i m sorry featured Alabama Luella Barker, daughter of famous drummer that Blink-182, Travis Barker, conveniently gained hate from the household for illustrating the daughter in a negative light. In one Instagram write-up by the drummer, he threatens to offer him "the greatest L in history". Complying with posting, both Travis and his daughter privatized their Instagrams, as result of backlash from pan of RiceGum


Rape Victim Livestream

During the summer that 2016, RiceGum joked about rape victim"s experience during a livestream (shown below). Complying with the incident, RiceGum was extensively criticized for belittling the woman"s traumatic experience.

Content Cop

On October 3rd, 2017, YouTuber iDubbbz post a Content Cop episode deceptively titled "Content Cop – Jake Paul," which actually featured objections of the RiceGum channel (shown below). The video subsequently got to the front web page of the subreddit /r/videos,<4> /r/idubbbz<5> and also /r/h3h3productions.

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<6> in ~ 48 hours, the video clip gained over 12 million views and also 201,000 comments.