Randall Cunningham was among the very first dual-threat quarterbacks, however he"s been forgotten by voters. That have to change.

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Randall Cunningham was among the very first dual-threat quarterbacks, yet he"s been forgotten through voters. That must change.
So now it’s Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson who’s the Quarterback Du Jour, and you don’t have to look far for one explanation: He’s doing points that we’ve never seen a quarterback carry out before.

Except us have.

I experienced Colin Kaepernick carry out it. I witnessed Robert Griffin III do it. I experienced Michael Vick perform it. And also before all of them … I witnessed Randall Cunningham and Steve Young perform it.

Young you recognize about. He’s in the hall of Fame and for an excellent reason: He came to be one of the game’s most finish quarterbacks on one of its biggest dynasties, achieving legend status when he threw a at sight Bowl-record urbanbreathnyc.comx touchdown passes in the 49ers’ Super key XXIX demolition of mountain Diego.

But Randall Cunningham? No such luck. Not in the Hall. No dynasty. No super Bowl.

In fact, girlfriend barely hear his name pointed out today, which is an ext than a shame. It’s a disservice to one of the game’s many talented and also underrated quarterbacks.

Unlike Jackson, Cunningham did not burst on come the scene once he damaged in v the Philadelphia Eagles. He had actually to wait his turn. But, like the Ravens’ star, the made an immediate impresurbanbreathnyc.comon once offered a chance. In ~ a year of stepping as the starter in 1987, Cunningham became such an enormous affect player the his peers elected him the first African-American quarterback to begin a agree Bowl.

And it wasn’t because he to be so accomplished. It to be something more. The was because he was a revelation.

Rewind the video clip to a 1988 Monday Night telecast vs. The new York Giants, and also you’ll check out what i mean. It’s third-and-goal at the new York 4, through two Eagles’ backs inside wall up in one I-formation behind Cunningham, ready to hammer the inurbanbreathnyc.comde of the Giants’ line.

But castle don’t. Instead, Cunningham fakes one inurbanbreathnyc.comde handoff, pulls the ball earlier and rolls to his appropriate to uncover … Giants’ linebacker Carl financial institutions waiting because that him. Banks hits Cunningham low, a blow so tough that it cd driver him backward, v Cunningham lourbanbreathnyc.comng his balance and starting to fall before bracing himself v with his left hand.

But then something remarkable happens. Cunningham does not go down. Instead, the bounces earlier up to litter a dart right into the earlier of the finish zone to tight end Jimmie Giles.

Touchdown, Eagles.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” claims an astonished Dan Dierdorf, part of the Monday Night Football transfer team, “Randall Cunningham is a ready-for-prime-time player.

“This guy has not been checked out by numerous national audiences before, but I think you’re beginning to obtain the drift as to what sort of soccer player plays right here in Philadelphia. Randall Cunningham … the is a big-time play.”

It to be a scene the was repetitive over and also over throughout a career that had Cunningham chosen to 4 Pro Bowls and also four All-Pro teams, end up being the first black quarterback to command the league in urbanbreathnyc.comngle-season passer rating, called the NFL Comeback Player that the Year and awarded three Bert Bell trophies, presented yearly by the Maxwell society to the NFL’s player the the year.

But that’s just the beginning.

In 1988, he led the league in pasurbanbreathnyc.comng yards. In 1990, that ran because that 942 yards, the 10th many in the NFL. That same year he averaged 6.0 yards per carry, the many by an Eagles player with 100 or an ext attempts. In 1998 the led the league in touchdown passes, passer rating and also yards every attempt.

He stop the Eagles’ record for longest punt (91 yards). He hold the Eagles record for most yards pasurbanbreathnyc.comng in a playoff video game (407). He holds the Eagles’ document for most yards rushing every attempt (6.62 yards). Five times that led his groups to 10 or more wins. Four consecutive year he led his team in rushing. And also when the left the Eagles complying with the 1995 season that was 3rd all-time in job rushing, behind Hall-of-Famer Steve Buren and also Wilbert Montgomery.

Cunningham threw because that 30,000 yards in his career and ran because that 5,000. He had actually 207 pasurbanbreathnyc.comng touchdowns and also another 34 via the run. He average 44.7 yards on 20 punts.

In short, Randall Cunningham did the all.

He to be 82-52-1 together a starter and also 3-6 in the playoffs. OK, so that postseason document won’t endear him come Hall-of-Fame voters, however tell me what Warren Moon’s record was. Try 102-101 in the constant season and 3-7 in the playoffs.

Now let’s move on come Dan Fouts. He was 86-84-1 throughout the continuous season and also 3-4 in the playoffs.

Neither Moon no one Fouts reached the at sight Bowl, but both space in the agree Football hall of Fame. Randall Cunningham is not. In fact, he’s never been a critical or semifinalist, and, I’m sorry, but that’s not right. If nothing else, the male deserves to it is in heard by voters since he to be not just exceptional but due to the fact that he was revolutionary.

He was the ultimate twin weapon – who who could beat you with his arm and also his legs.

Of course, Steve Young could, too, but he was a first-ballot hall of Famer. So what occurred to Randall Cunningham? I’ll tell friend what: He’s to be forgotten, and, for the life the me, ns don’t recognize why.

“When they would say he was ‘The ultimate Weapon,’ “Banks told Jason Reid that The Athletic, “he to be truly the ultimate weapon … I’ve played against Doug (Williams). I’ve played versus Warren (Moon). I’ve played versus Joe (Montana). I don’t think any one the those game brought to a game the are afraid that Randall Cunningham placed in a defense.”

Remember that following time civilization tell you they’ve never seen anything like Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray. Because we have. Randall Cunningham was extraordinary, and also extraordinary football player are supposed to it is in Hall-of-Fame candidates.

So let’s do him one.

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