The difference between the 2 sentences, “Is it feasible you…. ?” and “Is it feasible if you….?” is very small – just the indigenous “if”. In particular circumstances, they can both be correct! It depends what you desire to say. As long as you use it in the exactly circumstances, both can be used.

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For the first option, you are wondering even if it is it is possible that girlfriend did something. Because that example, possibly you patent remember do a reservation because that a car rental. However, when you acquire to the automobile rental place, they room unable to discover your reservation. If you are stating reasons that you think you have actually made a reservation yet the automobile rental agency cannot discover it, they have the right to ask, “Is it feasible you do the preventive with another company?” or “Is it feasible you canceled her reservation or do it because that the dorn day?”The key idea is the you room questioning the person, “you”. You are trying to determine whether this “you” person has done something or not.
 For the second option, the emphasis is top top “it”. This method that friend somehow room referencing something the you have mentioned before. For example, you could be make the efforts to invest Christmas through your family, yet your ceo is not letting girlfriend have enough vacation days. You could ask “Is it feasible if you take it days turn off from your annual leave?” or “Is it feasible if you just spend one or 2 days v your family?”The key idea below is that you space trying to come up with remedies to a trouble that you have currently mentioned before. In short, both sentence structures space grammatically correct. The one that you need to use relies on what you room trying to say!10 Most common Synonym for Possible



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