________ are formally defined, standardized procedures that involve day-to-day operations.

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Structured processes

Which of the adhering to is an example of a structured process?

purchasing the right amount of raw materials

________ are flexible, informal, and also adaptive processes that normally involve strategic and less certain managerial decisions and activities.

Dynamic processes

Which of the complying with is an instance of a dynamic process?

Nike provides Facebook and Twitter to geneprice buzz about its brand-new line of running shoes.

Which of the adhering to is a characteristic of dynamic processes?

They are adaptive procedures that readjust framework promptly and conveniently.

Which of the adhering to organization procedures is regarded sales and also marketing?

lead tracking

Which of the adhering to organization processes is regarded operations?

finished-products inventory management

Which of the following service processes is related to manufacturing?

planning and also scheduling

Which of the following service processes is regarded customer service?

account tracking

Which of the following organization processes is concerned huguy resources?


Which of the adhering to information units minimizes data duplication among departments?

enterpclimb indevelopment systems

Which of the adhering to statements is true regarding departpsychological information systems?

They assistance 10 to 100 customers.

________ processes expectancy an company and support activities in multiple departments.

Structured enterprise

Which of the complying with statements about enterpclimb indevelopment units is true?

They are extremely hard to change

The information mechanism that a restaurant supplies to order offers and also ingredients from its companies is an instance of a(n) ________.

interenterpclimb indevelopment system

Which of the following statements about a structured interenterpincrease information system is true?

Its procedures are formalized and the problem options influence multiple institutions.

________ is an instance of an interenterpincrease information mechanism.


The two dimensions of process top quality are ________.

performance and also effectiveness

________ is a meacertain of the ratio of process outputs to inputs.

Process efficiency

Process ________ is a meacertain of how well a process achieves business strategy.


Indevelopment systems improve procedure top quality by ________.

controlling procedure flow

Which of the following problems exists when information are isolated in separated information systems?

indevelopment silo

Information silos are also described as ________.

islands of automation

Information silos are not a trouble till they begin to ________.

usage and store data around the same entities

________ is the task of altering and also designing organization processes to take advantage of new indevelopment units.

Business procedure reengineering

________ are predesigned procedures for making use of software program products

Inherent processes

________ is a suite of applications, a database, and also a set of innate processes for regulating all the interactions with the customer, from lead generation to customer company.

Customer relationship management

In which phase of the customer life cycle are messeras sent to the target market to lure customer prospects?


Which phase of the customer life cycle concentrates on increasing the worth of existing customers by offering them more product?

connection management

In which phase of the customer life cycle perform procedures categorize customers according to value and attempt to win back high-worth customers?


________ is a suite of applications called modules, a database, and a set of inherent procedures for consolidating organization operations into a single, consistent, computer platform.

Enterprise reresource planning

The primary purpose of an ERP device is ________.


Enterpincrease application integration is ________.

a suite of software application applications that links existing units by giving layers of software application that connect applications together

Which of the adhering to statements is true of enterpclimb application integration?

It connects mechanism "islands" by means of a new layer of software application.

The major advantage of enterpclimb application integration is that it ________.

permits establishments to usage existing applications

An ERP solution does not incorporate ________.

a company’s operational data

A(n) ________ is a computer routine stored within a database that runs to save the database consistent once specific conditions aincrease.


A stored procedure is a ________.

computer system program stored in a database that is used to enpressure company rules

The natural processes identified in an ERP solution are known as ________.

procedure blueprints

ERP merchants train an organization’s employees, dubbed Super Users, to come to be in-home ERP trainers, in training sessions dubbed ________.

train the trainer

ERP training falls right into two wide categories, one of which is training on just how to usage the ERP application software program. Which of the adhering to activities is a part of this category?

measures for making use of the ERP applications to attain the tasks in processes

To mitigate the extensive occupational that demands to be done to customize an ERP application to a particular customer, ERP vendors provide ________.

industry-particular solutions

Who are the optimal two ERP vendors?

Oracle and also SAP

The 4 significant ERP assets of ________ are AX, Nav, GP, and also Solomon.

Microsoft Dynamics

ERP merchant Infor obtained which of the adhering to ERP products?


Which ERP merchant obtained PeopleSoft and also Siebel?


When implementing brand-new enterprise units, normally the just solution for reresolving procedure concerns and also providing enterpincrease process management is ________.

arising committees and steering groups

________ is a significant task as soon as implementing enterpincrease devices.

Space identification

Which of the following is an efficient method to get rid of employee resistance once implementing brand-new enterpincrease systems?

training employees on the effective use of the brand-new system

________ describes a person’s belief that he or she have the right to be successful at his or her task.


Which of the adhering to is a design viewpoint in which tasks are organized into modules of use that are asked for and ceded over the Net utilizing standards?

service-oriented architecture

In SOA terminology, what does it intend if the manufacturing of a company is sassist to be encapsulated

The methodology and also location of the service is private.

A(n) ________ is an encapsulated software organization provided over the Net making use of standard protocols.

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Net service

A business provider creates a company description, which records exactly how to usage a organization, and also publishes that summary utilizing a standardized language referred to as ________.