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After rolling 21-7 in ~ halftime, the Red Raiders led through shiny Oregon move Tyler Shough were able to comeback and score 31 unanswered points versus Houston. Dana Holgerson not being may be to command a team to a victory versus a huge 12 team is a tale all too familiar, and it taken place again. Texas technology should have actually no issues against SF Austin, and also I expect Tyler Shough together with his favorite target Erik Ezukanma come bust open the Lumberjacks defense. The defense for Texas tech was huge against Houston together they had 4 interceptions and four sacks, while enabling zero points in the second half. The Red Raiders should be too lot to manage for SF Austin.

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Prediction: Texas technology 38, Stephen F. Austin 10

Kansas State started the season v a an extremely convincing win over Stanford, and also I mean them to save that success rolling versus Southern Illinois. Kansas State’s second coming the Darren Sproles, otherwise well-known as Deuce Vaughn, to be a menace come the Cardinal defense together he rushed because that 124 yards and also a touchdown. This seems prefer a Kansas State team who have the right to make some noise in the huge 12 if everyone remains healthy. This game should not give Kansas State any kind of trouble as lengthy as their protective backs deserve to keep the receivers in check, and they require the protective line to generate press on Nic Baker who threw because that 460 yards and four touchdowns in mainly 1. The Wildcats should have the ability to over enhance Southern Illinois in a hurry, and also we have to be the town hall Skylar Thompson and Deuce Vaughn highlights exposing the defense ~ the game.

Prediction: Kansas State 45 southern Illinois 21

Well…a one video game win streak is something come proud of. For part Jayhawks ~ above the roster, that was their very first collegiate victory over southern Dakota in week 1. They will bounce earlier to familiarity this week, because coastal Carolina will likely light increase Kansas. Coastal had a an excellent season opener versus The Citadel, and also are looking for their 2nd win against Kansas after beating them last year. I have to admit that brand-new quarterback Jason p looked heavy in Kansas’ season opener versus South Dakota, yet he will need to have actually a career game to success this one.

Prediction: Costal Carolina 42, Kansas 21

This video game will be an extremely interesting, as play a hard Pac-12 team could be some an excellent competition because that TCU to watch where castle are versus bigger schools. If quarterback Max Duggan deserve to have a heavy showing against Cal, the can very well rise his confidence because that the rest of the season. One more thing to look out for is whether or no running back Zach Evans it s okay the start for TCU, after not beginning Week 1 because that violation of team rules. Evans only received 5 carries in the throttling of Duquesne last week. That is tough to tell how close this game will be considering Cal looked solid against Nevada in the an initial quarter, wherein their violation scored 14 point out on the very first two drives, and their defense silenced future NFL quarterback Carson Strong. However, the Bears would certainly go three and out for the next 4 drives and give increase 22 unanswered point out in the second and third quarter. They to be unable to score until the 4th quarter as soon as they kicked a field goal. TCU should gain the victory if they can get the offense going early.

Prediction: TCU 31, California 18

This video game likely has actually potential playoff implications, and also is why ESPN’s college Gameday will certainly be in attendance. It to be a story of two very different gamings to open up the season, together Iowa go out out a ranked Indiana squad, while Iowa State barley escaped northern Iowa winning by just six points.

A many is on the line because that the Cyclones, as shedding this video game would really damage their playoff hopes and also give them small to no room because that error the remainder of the season. Background is not on your side as they have actually not win Iowa since 2014, and they have not began a season 2-0 since 2012. Matt Campbell and also the Cyclones have yet to prove castle are qualified of preventing getting off to negative starts, and this looks favor a very tough situation for them. Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy was pretty lot a non-factor as he did no account for any touchdowns versus Northern Iowa, and also running back Breece hall was held to 69 yards ~ above 23 carries. This Iowa defense held every one of Indiana to 77 yards, and also grabbed 2 interceptions returned for a touchdown in the process. This might be bold, but I foresee Iowa State starting the season 1-1.

Prediction: Iowa 23, Iowa State 17

Continuing top top the topic of uninspiring main 1 performances, the Sooners barley escaped what turned the end to it is in a very good Tulane team. However, Oklahoma is viewed as a location contender, and also there is no circumstance wherein that power was acceptable. While part Sooners fans space calling because that Caleb Williams already, everyone needs to relax. Spencer Rattler will bounce back, and the Sooners will likely obliterate West Carolina. This will likewise be a great for game for the Sooners’ defense to tune up the crashes that we observed in the week 1 win.

Prediction: Oklahoma 55, West Carolina 10

The Steve Sarkisian era acquired off to a great start beating No. 23 Louisiana by 20 points in week 1. This mainly they’ll have to travel Fayetteville, Arkansas for the first time in 17 year to rekindle a storied rivalry. Texas’ offense was led through redshirt student in the first year quarterback Hudson Card, who threw because that 224 yards and also two touchdowns. It also helps to have superstar running earlier in Bijan Robinson. It will certainly be tough to game setup for Robinson together both a runner and receiver, as the Razorbacks seem to be game planning for D’Shawn Jamison quite than Robinson.

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Sarkisian’s offense will certainly be tested again this week versus a heavy defense that forced three interceptions critical week. Arkansas is coming off a week 1 win over Rice that experienced K.J. Jefferson making use of his legs and also his eight to help the Razorbacks. If the Texas defense have the right to contain Jefferson, over there is a slim opportunity that Arkansas have the right to win the game, as he relies greatly on running and is no a refined passer. I think the Longhorns continue their hot start and follow increase a 20 allude win in main one with another one this week.