Prior to cleaning, for sure the cooker is unplugged and also has cooled down.

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The cooker base is home to the microprocessor and also the heating aspect essential come cooking.

Do Not location in the Dishwasher! If the cooker base it s okay wet, permit it to dried completely. Call the Customer care team

Clean the exterior of the cooker base through a wet cloth. You have the right to use a slightly damp towel to clean the within of the cooker. That is however, important that the cooker be preserved dry.

If you have to clean the area approximately the lip of the cooker, use a damp fabric or an old toothbrush come clean the edges.


Stainless steel Inner Pot & heavy steam Rack

The within pot and the vapor rack room made of sturdy, food-grade stainless steel (304 – 18/8) and also are totally dishwasher safe. For the many part, you deserve to keep the inside pot cleaned just as you would certainly clean any type of stainless steel pot—by hand washing or the dishwasher.

Should the inner pot develop harmless water stains, non-abrasive scouring cleanser, made especially for food preparation pots, brings back the original shine.

You can likewise periodically clean the inner pot by place 1 cup the white vinegar in the bottom of the within pot. Allow it to remainder for 5 minutes, and then pour out the vinegar and also rinse.

Removing Bluish point out from her Stainless steel Inner Pot


Removing Bluish marks from your Stainless stole Inner Pot

Instant Pot’s inside pot (cooking pot) is stainless steel, food class 304 (18/8) through no chemical coating. That is durable and will retain its appearance for years to come with suitable care.

With stainless steel cookware it is not uncommon for a bluish or “rainbow” discoloration to show up on the inside of the pot, and also Instant Pot’s inner pot is no exception. Minerals or salt in the food and water space the reason for this discoloration. It might be conveniently removed by utilizing a non-abrasive stainless stole cleaner, which will certainly not only remove the marks the will aid to maintain the original brightness.

Another option is come cover the bottom with white vinegar. Permit the vinegar to sit for 5 minutes, remove, and rinse the inner pot. The discoloration marks need to be eliminated completely.

For “White hard Water” stains, they deserve to be gotten rid of with a damp sponge soaked in vinegar or lemon.

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We recommend avoiding steel wool, as it will scratch the surface. For extr information, verify “eHow” or “British Stainless stole Association”.