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India arie i am not my hair lyrics

Is the India. Arie? What taken place to her hair? Ha ha ha ha haDat dad a dat da <4x> Dad a oohLittle girl v the press and also curlAge eight I gained a Jheri curlThirteen I acquired a relaxerI was a resource of so much laughterAt fifteen as soon as it all damaged offEighteen and also went all naturalFebruary 2 thousand and also twoI went and didWhat I had actually to doBecause it was time to readjust my lifeTo become the ladies that ns am insideNinety-seven dreadlock every goneI looked in the mirrorFor the first time and saw the hey....I am not my hairI am not this skinI am not your expectations no noI am no my hairI ma not this skinI to be a soul that lives withinWhat"d she do to she hair? ns don"t know it watch crazyI prefer it. I might do that.Umm i wouldn"t go that far. I know.. Ha ha ha haGood hair way curls and wavesBad hair method you look prefer a slaveAt the rotate of the centuryIts time for us to redefine who we beYou deserve to shave it offLike a south African beautyOr gain in top top lockLike Bob MarleyYou deserve to rock it straightLike Oprah WinfreyIf it"s not what"s on your headIts what"s underneath and also say hey....(Whoa, whoa, whoa)Does the method I wear my hair make me a better person?(Whoa, whoa, whoa)Does the method I wear mine hair do me a much better friend? Oooh(Whoa, whoa, whoa)Does the way I wear mine hair identify my integrity?(Whoa, whoa, whoa)I am expressing my creativity..(Whoa, whoa, whoa)Breast Cancer and also ChemotherapyTook away her crown and gloryShe promised God if she to be to surviveShe would enjoy daily of she life oohOn nationwide televisionHer diamond eyes room sparklingBald headed like a full moon shiningSinging out to the whole large world like hey...If i wanna cut it closeOr if ns wanna rock locksThat don"t take a bit awayFrom the spirit that i gotDat da da documents da <4x>If ns wanna wherein it braidedAll down my backI don"t check out what wrong through thatDat da da documents da <4x>Is that India. Arie?Ooh watch she cut her hair!I prefer that, it"s kinda phatI don"t understand if I can do it.But that looks sharp, it looks nice on herShe gained a nice shame headShe got an to apologize headI recognize right?It"s perfect.