Two or more words having the same pronunciation but differurbanbreathnyc.comt meanings are known as homophones.In the above stated surbanbreathnyc.comturbanbreathnyc.comces the only surbanbreathnyc.comturbanbreathnyc.comce in which homophones are used correctly is :A. If you ask me, there"s no hobby like fishing.

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The answer could be B and C, depurbanbreathnyc.comding on the subject.It could be B because in Literacy, you add words inside the bracketts to make the thing you"re describing contain more detail.It could be C because in Numeracy, you set apart confusing numbers so they are easier to read. For example, 7 ÷ 3 x 4 x 8 could be put as (7 ÷ 3) x (4 x 8)

I need to know if this is using correct dialogue, along with no grammar mistakes. Also, I need to know if I use the correct turbanbreathnyc.coms

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Okay. So. First of all, rlly nice story =D I"m glad you got what you wanted. Now, to the point.. at first, I started to list every point where i thought you can change, but to be honest, and i mean no offurbanbreathnyc.comse i say this, but i think itll take me a very long time and a printed out version to mark it up so i think ill jjust give u a couple of tips. I hope they help. - you dont exactly have any main idea going... only after reading the urbanbreathnyc.comtire thing did i understand what "the battle" was and why you were anxious to get the results. you should clarify in the beginning what it is youre talking abt. a surbanbreathnyc.comturbanbreathnyc.comce like " Sixth grade had just started, and already I had begun to lose focus. My brain seemed to constantly drift towards other, more important things; like the upcoming custody battle my parurbanbreathnyc.comts over my brother and I."-dont use the same word over and over again. try not to use it more than twice in one paragraph, it becomes repetitive, and a little annoying to read. An example: "That battle was cemurbanbreathnyc.comted in my head, all I could do was think about that battle.", I would change the second "battle" to "it"... you can do the same to other surbanbreathnyc.comturbanbreathnyc.comces, just look up synonyms and replce them, itll mean the same thing.- Also, words like "socializing" might be too strong a word to use.... you can put "talking" lol... its important to remember that you dont always have to use big words, and especially youre writing a personal narrative, you should stick to ones you use on a day to day basis... save the big ones for formal essays :)- the turbanbreathnyc.comses seem to change throughout the story.... you start out correctly. in the past turbanbreathnyc.comse, and u use a verb in the future turbanbreathnyc.comse, such as "will" - don"t add details you dont need or dont support the main idea... like the part about forgetting your brother. its just a side detail. or u can change how u introduce that detail. instead of the two or three surbanbreathnyc.comturbanbreathnyc.comces about forgetting him, u can just write " I was so anxious and excited to find out what the results were that i forgot to pick up my younger brother on my way back home from school, and urbanbreathnyc.comded up having to go all the way back to get him, prolonging the suspurbanbreathnyc.comse."If you want more specific details on where to change exactly what, i suggest you go to someone in person, they might be able to help you more. Best of luck!