She ended up being angry, however she would certainly not leave without she brother. C. The diving board damaged when she jumped right into the pool. D. She walk swimming, and also her brothers went boating.

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I might be wrong but do not quote me, i believe your to this fine inquiry would be C.Hope this helps.

Read this resource of information. (1) American youth have school commitments and also extracurricular activities. (2) Many additionally enjoy

The correct is 3


Sentence 3 "The united state Department of farming recommends that young people ages 6–17 should engage in 60 minutes of physical activity each day" concentrates on the prominence that young human being exercise everyday by explaining the moment they should spend in exercising and also establishing an er rate.

In this context, sentence 3 is best to assistance the suggest "recreational sports are valuable because youth have to exercise daily" due to the fact that it straight explains and also proves the prominence for young people to practice every day. Also, the is an ideal piece that evidence since the united state Department of farming is an government in nutrition, healthy habits, and also similar.

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Each of the adhering to is a definition that uses to homonyms except:
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The exactly is C.
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In this excerpt native Phillip Freneau"s poem “American Liberty,” the speaker defines being “slaves and also minions come a parliament.
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The exactly is: The speak thinks that the colonists are gift unfairly cure by the brother government


The relenten of the colonists through the hyperbole "slaves and also minions" portrays the disagreement that the colonists towards the brother government"s imperialist policies, and also the suffering and also cruelty the they would have to endure if they continued to subjugate themselves to the brother Crown.

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What are 4 nautical or old time seafarer terms found in the story "The Rime that the ancient Mariner"?

These room the nautical terms ns found and also their definitions have been taken native

- Prow: the forepart that a delivery or boat; bow.

- Skiff: any of various types of boats little enough for cruising or rowing through one person.

- Mast: a spar or framework rising over the hull and also upper parts of a ship or boat to hold sails, spars, rigging, booms, signals, etc., at some point on the fore-and-aft line, as a foremast or mainmast.

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- Helmsman: a human who steers a ship.

- Fathom: a unit of length equal to 6 feet (1.8 meters): used chiefly in nautical measurements

- Keel: a main fore-and-aft structure member in the bottom the a hull, extending from the stem come the sternpost and also having the floors or frames attached to it, typically at right angles: periodically projecting indigenous the bottom of the hull to provide stability.

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4How could Angelou finest be described?
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