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The european Union

The european Union is a group of 27 nations in Europe.These nations came togetherto make points better, easier and also safer because that people.They agreed to job-related together and assist each other.

How the europe Union started

The idea to make the european Union cameafter two huge wars occurred in Europe.Countries in Europe experienced thatit is better to occupational togetherthan fighting versus each other.


In the beginning, just 6 nations in Europe began working together:


Soon, an ext and much more countries in Europe joined themand the europe Union was made.

Today, 27 nations are component of the european Union.These nations are:



In June 2016 the uk decidedto avoid being component of the european Union.So native 31 January 2020, the joined Kingdomis no longer part of the european Union.

The goals and values of the europe Union

All nations that are part of the european Union work togetherto make sure that:

there is tranquility in Europepeople have good livesthings room fair for every people and also nobody is left outthe languages and also cultures of every peopleare respectedthere is a strong European economyand countries use the very same cointo do business together.


The nations of the european Unionshare some necessary values.For example, they job-related to make certain that all human being are equaland their rights are respected.

After the european Union was created,there to be no an ext wars in between the countriesthat are part of the european Union.Thanks come the europe Union,all countries in Europe work together in peace.

In 2012, the european Union won a large awardwhich is dubbed ‘the Nobel tranquility Prize’.This compensation was given to the europe Unionfor its great work keeping peace in Europe.



Free move

The europe Union make it simpler for peopleto move freely from one nation to another.They deserve to live, study or workin any type of country the the europe Union they want.For example, a person from France deserve to chooseto relocate to Italy and also work there.Or a student from Belgium have the right to go examine in a university in Greece.

Things, services and also money can likewise move freelyfrom one nation of the europe Union come another.

The europe Union in the world

The european Union plays crucial role in the human being in many ways.For example:

It sells plenty of things and also services to various other countries.Also, the buys points from various other countries.This method it helps the civilization economy save going.It helps countless peoplewho live in poorer nations outside the european Union.It make the efforts to do the civilization a safer placewhere world are treated relatively and laws are respected.

Becoming component of the european Union

To become part of the europe Union,a nation must:

agree with all the laws and valuesof the european Union.work come make sure these laws and valuesare respected.


This might take a really long time to happen.

Some countries are now working to become component of the europe Union.These countries are:

AlbaniaMontenegroSerbiaNorth MacedoniaTurkey

To become component of the europe Union,these countries must workto do all laws and also values of the european Unionhappen in them.

The Schengen Area

The europe Union made the ‘Schengen Area’.

The Schengen Area is an area there is no borders.In this area, civilization can take trip from nation to country freely and also easily.They execute not have to go with checks and controlswhen they happen from one country to another.

Thanks come the Schengen Area, the is now much easier for peopleto travel for occupational or tourism.

The Schengen Area to be made in 1985.Today 22 the end of the 27 countries of the europe Unionare part of the Schengen Area.

These countries are:


Also, 4 countries outside the european Unionare component of the Schengen Area:


That way that human being can travel freely and easilyfrom among these countries to another.This means it is easier for civilization to visit any type of of this countriesfor travel or for work.

Languages of the european Union

In every nation of the europe Unionpeople speak their own language.The european Union protects the right of peopleto interact in their very own language.


That is why the european Unionmakes all necessary information and also documentsin every the languages that human being speak in its countries:


This way all human being in the european Unioncan get important information in their very own languageand know it.

The coin the the europe Union

Most countries that are component of the europe Union usage the same coin.This coin is dubbed ‘Euro’.Using the very same coin help countriesin the european Union to do organization together.For example, world from Spaincan buy points they want from Belgiumeasily and also without extra costs.Using the very same coinmakes it simpler for civilization to travel,buy things online from other countriesand have much more options.

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Today, 19 the end of 27 european Union countries use the euro.

These countries are: