In the Penal nest Summary

We"re in a sandy sink (the proverbial "barren landscape") top top the suburbs of a penal colony. Gathered near a quite unusual machine, "the apparatus," stand four personalities with very particular names: "the officer," "the explorer," "the soldier," and "the condemned man." The explorer is a visitor to the colony, and also has been sent by the Commandant to watch the execution the the condemned man, which will certainly be performed through the apparatus. The officer, who"s quite fond of the machine, eagerly defines it come the explorer.The apparatus, invented by the former Commandant of the colony, is what the colony"s justice system uses to punishment people, in a rather distinct way. That "writes" a commandment (in really complicated, illegible script) top top the body of the condemned man, the an extremely one he"s supposedly guilty that violating, and it go this by slowly rotating his body and cutting into it consistently with lots and lots of needles. The penalty is supposed to "enlighten" the sinner – together the device works top top him, he involves learn what commandment that violated by feeling it top top his body. The prisoner is in which method transformed greatly by this process. One various other thing: the sinner doesn"t recognize what his sentence (or the commandment he violated) is beforehand since in this penal nest he gets no attempt or opportunity to protect himself. In fact, if accused through someone, it"s simply assumed he"s guilty. This prisoner – "the condemned man" – for instance, to be reported by his captain for being insubordinate, and without psychological or also being questioned, that was placed in chains. He"ll have actually "HONOR thy SUPERIORS" created on his human body by the apparatus. The officer finds this form of penalty exquisite.Having explained the device to the explorer, the officer has the condemned guy put in the machine. Meanwhile, the traveler has decided that the apparatus and the whole "judicial procedure" that the swarm really bothers him. He wonders if there"s any method he deserve to put a prevent to it. He"s in luck. The officer tells him the popularity of the procedure has fallen greatly because the old Commandant"s days, as soon as it used to it is in the most necessary thing in the life that the colony. Now the officer is its just real defender. The new Commandant go not favor the "procedure," and also is hoping the traveler will reject of it, too. The traveler is apparently vital guest indigenous a much more "enlightened" component of the world, for this reason if he doesn"t favor the procedure, the brand-new Commandant will seize the chance to take action against the officer. The officer hopes (and shows up to believe) the the traveler is in donate of the procedure and also will use his influence to defend it and save the tradition of the old Commandant.The explorer feels a bit sorry for the officer, however tells the he can"t safeguard the procedure in good conscience. Actually, he"ll speak versus the procedure. Resigned, the officer allows the condemned male go. There"s nothing left to do but go into the apparatus himself. His sentence? "BE JUST!" After setting everything in order, the officer gets right into the maker and transforms it on, as the soldier and also the recently freed condemned guy strap the in. But something go horribly wrong v the apparatus, which begins to autumn apart. Instead of writing the officer"s sentence progressively into his flesh over the food of twelve hours, it just impales him and makes a bloody chaos of his body. He"s dead within a pair of minutes.Afterwards, the explorer goes through the other two to access time the teahouse in the swarm where who the old Commandant lies buried. His grave is hidden, unceremoniously, under one of the teahouse tables, bearing an inscription that predicts he"ll return to lead his pendant to triumph. Anyone in the teahouse simply laughs in ~ it.

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The explorer prepares to leave the colony in haste, getting in a ferry to return to his steamer. The condemned man and also the soldier try to follow him, yet he keeps them native jumping into his boat.