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In 1819, cutting board Nickerson was 14 year old and a cabin boy on the Essex. He had actually lost his parental at sea, and would shortly lose an additional parent come the very same occupation. The delivery itself was two decades old and also in require of some significant repairs prior to it might sail turn off again.

The crew top top the whaling ship Essex was separated into two watches. As they cruised to the Azores and Cape Verde Islands, a storm hit and damaged your ship. The captain the the delivery tried come sail with it yet realized as well late that he should have turned sooner. He ordered his guys to shorten sails, however by this time, they to be at one angle with the wind so once the storm lastly passed end them, it took away every one of their whaleboats and also most of your sails.

The crew that the Essex do their means to the Azores, whereby they picked up provisions. They also managed to acquire a whaleboat from a wrecked ship on shore. Later, as soon as they were at sea again, the lookout spotted whales and signaled for them to row out ~ one. Once they got close enough, castle harpooned it and killed it through a lance. After ~ that, castle dissected it and also removed the oil in the type of spermaceti before searching because that ambergris in that intestines. The crew was worn down by this time however refused their little ration the meat together punishment for not working tough enough during this process.

The crew had collected 11 whales precious of oil and also were heading north once they happen the danger Cape Horn. They quit at an island come hunt tortoises, i m sorry would carry out food for much more than a year if necessary. Cutting board Chappel accidentally collection fire to the entire island while playing a prank on his friends. He approximated that thousands of creatures died in the fire.

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After a while, the males returned come their typical routine. Eventually, Lawrence failed come harpoon a whale and also Chase to be upset v him because that it. The took over the task himself and also left Lawrence alone top top deck. While over there he witnessed something an extremely strange: a large male sperm whale swam near them at an abnormally close street (which they usually execute not). The whale do its way towards the ship headfirst, crashing right into it in seconds. It knocked down several of the crew members including Chase who instinctively choose up his lance yet did not use it due to the fact that he feared that if he struck the whale climate it would certainly knock out their rudder i m sorry would stop them indigenous returning residence from this lengthy voyage (they were around as far away native land together possible). They all watched in dismay together the whale turned about one an ext time and also charged towards them once again at double its original speed. The Essex began to sink and also finally offered up expect of making it through this assault by swimming off never ever to be checked out again.


The crew pulled the end as much food and water the they could before boarding three little boats dubbed whaling ships or “whalers” which are provided specifically for searching whales; however, these permitted only three world each so numerous had no an option but remain behind ~ above what to be now simply a floating carcass the wood. Together they cruised away native what was as soon as their residence for months, some cried while others went crazy as result of lack the sleep ~ spending days with nothing else to do other than think around how negative things really were without any kind of distractions prefer television or video games or even books because most the those items to be lost during this incident when everything seemed so calm earlier that day as soon as all anyone want was just one bite of fresh meat rather of dried fish yet none dared speak such words great knowing complete well just how foolish together thoughts could sound amidst together dire scenarios where death might come upon friend anytime there is no warning…