“In The Gallery” is the 2nd song from the side two of the debut album through Dire Straits indigenous 1978. This tune is composed by mark Knopfler and also is a critique of modern-day art and a tribute to his friend, Leeds artist bother Phillips, who died in 1976, two years before Dire Straits released their eponymous debut album.

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Harry Phillips to be a father of note Knopfler’s friend and collaborator Steve Phillips and also a figurative sculptor whose job-related was out of action with the abstract expressionism in favor of the arts mainstream.

How note Knopfler came up to write this is revealed in Michael Oldfield’s 1984 depicted biography Dire Straits. After graduating from Leeds University, Knopfler moved to London to pursue a career in music.

While over there he spent quite a lot of time in the West End, and two various other track native this album – “Wild West End,” and also “Lions,” had their genesis in his visit there. Someday he went to an arts gallery in Shaftesbury Avenue and also was no impressed by what he saw.

According come the tape member man Illsley, the exhibits to be laughable, and also on the method back come their south London flat, Knopfler satellite in the back of the auto writing furiously. “I’ve just got complete something off,” he said as lock arrived. He satellite there for a more hour and also a half, but it took a tiny longer to job-related out the music.

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According come Knopfler, it’s every a large con i beg your pardon is subsidized by the general public purse because that “all the phonies and every one of the fakes” while actual artists prefer Harry Phillips room “ignored by all the trendy guys in London and in Leeds” and live, and also die in obscurity.


Harry made a bareback driver proud and free upon a horseAnd a good coalminer, because that the NCB that wasA please angel, and Jesus top top the crossA skating ballerina girlfriend should have actually seen her perform the skater’s waltz

Some civilization have got to paint and drawHarry had to work-related in clay and also stoneLike the tide coming come the shoreIt remained in his blood and in his bones

He to be ignored by every the trendy boys in London, yes and in LeedsHe might also have been making toys or strings that beadsHe couldn’t beNo, he couldn’t beIn the gallery

And then you acquire an artist says he doesn’t desire to paint at allHe take away an empty canvas and also sticks the on the wallThe bird of a feather all the phonies and every one of the fakes

While the dealers, they gain togetherAnd castle decide that gets the breaksAnd who’s going to beWho’s going come beIn the gallery

No lies, that wouldn’t compromiseNo junk, no stringAnd all the lies we subsidizeThey simply don’t typical a thing

I’ve gained to speak he passed far in obscurityAnd currently all the vultures, they’re coming down from the treeHe’s going come beHe’s going to beIn the galle-, galle-, galle-, galleryIn the gallery