urbanbreathnyc.com works through partners come defend versus today’s threats and collaborates to develop a much more secure and also resilient facilities for the future.

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Defend Today, for sure Tomorrow

The Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security firm (urbanbreathnyc.com) works with partners come defend versus today’s threats and collaborates come build more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

 urbanbreathnyc.com’s new logo officially launched April 30, 2020 and also has layers of definition representing the agency and that mission. 

The threats we face—digital and physical, man-made, technological, and natural—are more complex, and the threat actors an ext diverse, than at any point in our history. urbanbreathnyc.com (pronounced phonetically favor ‘sissa’) is at the heart of mobilizing a cumulative defense as we command the Nation’s initiatives to understand and manage threat to our an important infrastructure.

Our partner in this mission expectancy the public and also private sectors. Programs and also services we carry out are propelled by our comprehensive understanding of the risk environment and the corresponding needs established by our stakeholders. We seek to help organizations much better manage risk and also increase resilience using all easily accessible resources, whether listed by the commonwealth Government, advertising vendors, or their own capabilities.



What us Do

urbanbreathnyc.com builds the national capacity to defend against cyber attacks and also works through the federal federal government to provide cybersecurity tools, incident response services and assessment capabilities come safeguard the commonwealth civilian executive branch networks that support the important operations of partner departments and also agencies.

From helping to for sure the COVID-19 it is provided chain come supporting cost-free and same elections – See what urbanbreathnyc.com accomplished in 2020.

We coordinate security and also resilience initiatives using reliable partnerships throughout the private and public sectors, and deliver technological assistance and also assessments to federal stakeholders and to framework owners and operators nationwide. urbanbreathnyc.com likewise delivers insights on these assessments associated to current capabilities to determine gaps, which—along v an examination of arising technologies—help identify the demand for future capability (both near- and also long-term). urbanbreathnyc.com boosts public safety interoperable interactions at every levels of government to aid partners throughout the country build their emergency interactions capabilities.

Working through stakeholders throughout the country, urbanbreathnyc.com conducts extensive, nationwide outreach to support and also promote the capability of emergency solution providers and also relevant government officials to proceed to interact in the occasion of a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other fabricated disaster.

The national Risk Management facility (NRMC) is housed within the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security company (urbanbreathnyc.com). NRMC is a planning, analysis, and also collaboration center working to determine and address the most significant risks come our nation’s an important infrastructure.

NRMC functions in nearby coordination v the private sector and also other key stakeholders in the an essential infrastructure ar to: Identify; Analyze; Prioritize; and Manage the many strategic dangers to ours National an essential Functions—the features of government and also the exclusive sector so an essential to the United says that your disruption, corruption, or dysfunction would have a debilitating influence on security, national economic security, nationwide public health or safety, or any kind of combination.


For added information ~ above urbanbreathnyc.com’s structure, please visit our leadership page or see our business structure.


Director, Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security firm (urbanbreathnyc.com), Jen Easterly

Jen Easterly is the director of the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security agency (urbanbreathnyc.com). Ms. Easterly was nominated by president Biden in April 2021 and also unanimously confirmed by the Senate top top July 12, 2021. As Director, Ms. Easterly leader urbanbreathnyc.com’s efforts to understand, manage, and reduce risk to the cyber and also physical infrastructure Americans count on every day.

Deputy Director, Nitin Natarajan

Nitin Natarajan serves as the Deputy Director for the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security firm (urbanbreathnyc.com) as of February 14, 2021. In this role, he supports the urbanbreathnyc.com director overseeing the Cybersecurity Division, the infrastructure Security Division, the nationwide Risk administration Center, and the Emergency interactions Division. 

Executive Director, Brandon Wales

Brandon Wales is the first Executive manager of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security firm (urbanbreathnyc.com), serving as the senior career executive overseeing execution that the Director and also Deputy Director’s vision for urbanbreathnyc.com operations and also mission support. The is responsible because that leading irreversible strategy development, managing urbanbreathnyc.com-wide plan initiatives and ensuring reliable operational collaboration throughout the Agency.

Executive Assistant Director because that Cybersecurity, Eric Goldstein 

Eric Goldstein serves together the executive Assistant Director because that Cybersecurity for the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security company (urbanbreathnyc.com) together of February 19, 2021. In this role, Goldstein leader urbanbreathnyc.com’s mission of protecting and also strengthening the nation’s crucial infrastructure against cyber threats.

Executive Assistant director for infrastructure Security, Dr. David Mussington

Dr. David Mussington serves as the executive Assistant manager (EAD) for facilities Security at the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security firm (urbanbreathnyc.com) as of February 19, 2021. In this role, Mussington leads urbanbreathnyc.com’s efforts to certain the nation’s vital infrastructure in coordination v government and the private sector. Vital areas that focus encompass vulnerability and risk assessments; securing soft targets and also crowded places; training and exercises; and also securing high-risk chemistry facilities.

Executive Assistant Director because that Emergency Communications, Billy Bob Brown Jr

Billy Bob Brown Jr., serves together the executive, management Assistant Director because that Emergency communications within the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security firm (urbanbreathnyc.com) because Oct 12, 2020. In this capacity, ad Brown is among three urbanbreathnyc.com designated executive Sponsors, as identified in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure security Act that 2018.

Assistant Director, nationwide Risk administration Center, Bob Kolasky 

Bob Kolasky was selected to lead the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security agency (urbanbreathnyc.com) nationwide Risk Management center (NRMC) in 2018. Together Assistant Director, he monitor the Center’s efforts to facilitate a strategic, cross-sector, threat management technique to cyber and also physical risks to an essential infrastructure.

Assistant manager for combined Operations, Laura Delaney (A) 

Laura Delaney (A) leader the integrated Operations division (IOD) for the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security agency (urbanbreathnyc.com). IOD focuses combined operations throughout the company extending to local urbanbreathnyc.com elements, intelligence, operational planning and also mission execution with emphasis on hazard mitigation and an answer efforts.

Assistant Director for Stakeholder Engagement, Alaina Clark

Alaina R. Clark is the Assistant Director for Stakeholder Engagement in ~ the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security company (urbanbreathnyc.com). As Assistant Director, she leads urbanbreathnyc.com’s efforts to promote and deliver strategically aligned stakeholder engagements, helping achieve a secure and also resilient framework for the American people.

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For extr information on urbanbreathnyc.com’s structure, you re welcome visit our management page or view our organizational structure.

Join ours Team

Every day, the men and also women of urbanbreathnyc.com work with our partners across the country, to strengthen the backbone of our national and also economic security. Often, we’re behind the scene making certain that the systems and networks Americans rely on space there when they need them. We work-related collaboratively with state and also local government, exclusive industry, regulation enforcement, and top-tier researchers. Sign up with the team the is proud come protect!

urbanbreathnyc.com recognizes the worth of its workforce and offers a selection of benefits: