n mechanism, photophosphorylation is most comparable to __________.In mechanism, photophosphorylation is most similar to __________.carbon fixationsubstrate-level phosphorylation in glycolysisoxidative phosphorylation in cellular respirationreduction the NADP+
NADP superscript to add sign, ADP, and also H2O reaction in irradiate reactions in the presence of irradiate to produce ATP, NADPH, and also O2. ATP, NADPH, and CO2 are offered in the Calvin cycle to produce ADP, NADP superscript plus sign, and also sugar do of CH2O monomers.Select the exactly statement about the Calvin cycle.The Calvin cycle has three phases: carbon fixation, reduction, and regeneration the RuBP.The basic duty of the Calvin bike is the switch of solar power to chemistry energy.The Calvin cycle takes location primarily in the dark.

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Which that the following sequences properly represents the circulation of electrons throughout photosynthesis?NADPH → electron transfer chain → O2NADPH → O2 → CO2H2O → NADPH → Calvin cycleH2O → photosystem ns → photosystem II
Which process is most directly driven by light energy?reduction the NADP+ moleculesATP synthesisremoval of electron from chlorophyll moleculescreation the a pH gradient by pump protons across the thylakoid membrane
Select all that apply.The basic role of fermentation is the production of ethyl alcohol or lactic acid.The basic role of fermentation is the production of extr ATP by further oxidation the the assets of glycolysis.The basic role of fermentation is the renewal of NAD+, which permits continued ATP production by glycolysis.Select all the apply.The basic function of fermentation is the production of ethyl alcohol or lactic acid.The basic duty of fermentation is the production of added ATP by additional oxidation that the products of glycolysis.The basic duty of fermentation is the renewal of NAD+, which allows continued ATP manufacturing by glycolysis.
The basic duty of fermentation is the rebirth of NAD+, which enables continued ATP manufacturing by glycolysis.
How go an enzyme increase the rate of the chemistry reaction it catalyzes?An enzyme reduce the free energy of activation (EA) that the reaction that catalyzes.An enzyme to reduce the free-energy adjust (ΔG) of the reaction the catalyzes.An enzyme"s active site binds only the reactants, and also not the products of a reaction, advertise the equilibrium because that the reaction far to the right.
A glucose molecule is fully broken under to carbon dioxide and water in glycolysis and the citric acid cycle, however together these two processes yield just a couple of molecules the ATP. What occurred to many of the power that the cell obtains from the oxidation that glucose?It is save on computer in pyruvate.It is save in the ATP that was developed by glycolysis and the citric mountain cycle.It is save in the carbon dioxide and also water molecules released by these processes.It is save in NADH and FADH2It was lost as heat.
When electrons flow along the electron transport chains the mitochondria, which of the following transforms occur?NAD+ is oxidized.The pH of the procession increases.The electron gain totally free energy.ATP synthase pumps proton by active transport.
In the absence of oxygen, what is the net obtain of ATP for each glucose molecule the enters glycolysis?four ATPnone, because every one of the accessible energy stays in one of two people lactate or ethanolnone, since in the absence of oxygen, no ATP deserve to be madetwo ATPup to 30 ATP
Which the the complying with statements around the chemiosmotic synthesis of ATP is correct?The energy for manufacturing of ATP indigenous ADP comes straight from a gradient the electrons across the inside mitochondrial membrane.Oxygen participates directly in the reaction that renders ATP native ADP and P.The chemiosmotic synthesis of ATP calls for that the electron move in the inside mitochondrial membrane be combination to proton transport across the exact same membrane.The chemiosmotic synthesis of ATP occurs only in eukaryotic bio cells due to the fact that it occurs in mitochondria.Chemiosmotic ATP synthesis needs oxygen.
The chemiosmotic synthetic of ATP needs that the electron carry in the inner mitochondrial membrane be combination to proton transport across the very same membrane.

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The binding the a link to an enzyme is observed to slow-moving down or stop the price of the reaction catalytic analysis by the enzyme. Raising the substrate concentration reduce the inhibitory effects of this compound. I m sorry of the following might account because that this observation?The compound forms a covalent bond with among the amino mountain residues needed for enzyme activity.The link is a compete inhibitor.The link is an allosteric inhibitor.The compound reduces disulfide bonds, leading to the enzyme molecule to partly unfold.The compound reasons a cofactor to be lost from the enzyme.