ariable production price incurred after split-off. An avoidable solved production expense incurred after ~ split-off. I m sorry of the over costs is (are) not relevant in a decision concerning whether the product need to be processed further?

The only price which is not relevant is: "A change production expense incurred before split-off."


To decide whether a firm should further procedure or sell a product at a specific production point, the firm should consider about the additional revenue they gain from further process and the additional cost the additional production spend in compare to offering the product without additional processing. If the marginal revenue is above the added cost, additional production decision will certainly be made.

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That is the reason why the variable production price incurred prior to the split-off is sunk price ( i.e whether the decision is to market of to further process, the expense has already consumed) which do it irrelevant in the decision making about to market or more process.

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Estate plan is planning the circulation of her estate after your death, which includes___a____ . The names ___b___who will

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Suppose there are just three human being in the economy: Jane, Harry, and also Bob. The individual need for corn because that each of this consu
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The question is incomplete. Please find attached paper of the diagram .

The exactly will be 25


The is landed on by including individual quantity demanded for corn. In this case it will be jane 0 , bother 8, Bob 17 = 0+17+8 =25


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On October 1, 2021, the Allegheny corporation purchased tools for $148,000. The estimated service life the the devices is 1
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Missing word: "1. Straight line. 2. Double-declining balance. Depreciation rate(20%)"

1. Straight heat depreciation

Annual Depreciation = expense - salvage / Estimated helpful Life (years)

Annual Depreciation = $143,000 / 10

Annual Depreciation = $14,300

Depreciation costs = yearly Depreciation * portion of Year

2021: Depreciation costs = 14300 * 3/12

Depreciation expenses = $3575

2022: Depreciation costs = 14300 * 12/12

Depreciation expenses = $14,300

2. Double-declining balance

Depreciation price = beginning of period Book worth * Depreciation rate(%) * portion of Year

2021: Depreciation price = $148000 * 20% 3/12

Depreciation cost = $7400

Book value = start of duration Book value - collected Depreciation

Book value = $148000 - $7400

Book value = $140,600

2022: Depreciation expense = $140,600 * 20% * 12/12

Depreciation cost = $35,520

Book value = beginning of duration Book worth - built up Depreciation

Book worth = $140,600 - $35,520

Book value = $105,080

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The December 31, 2021, post-closing attempt balance for solid Corporation is presented below:
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Question Completion:

Prepare a classified balance sheet as of December 31, 2021.

Strong Corporation


Classified Balance Sheet

As of December 31, 2021


Current Assets:

Cash $ 23,400

Accounts union 23,200

Prepaid insurance 4,300

Supplies 160,000 $210,900

Total existing assets

Long-Term invest $57,000

Long-term assets:

Land 46,000

Buildings 278,000

Acc. Depreciation 83,000 195,000 $241,000

Total heritage $508,900

Liabilities and also Equity

Current liabilities:

Accounts paurbanbreathnyc.comble 37,200

Notes paurbanbreathnyc.comble, early 2022 62,000

Interest paurbanbreathnyc.comble 11,000 $110,200

Long-term liabilities:

Notes paurbanbreathnyc.comble, early 2031 $121,000


Common stock 210,000

Retained revenue 67,700 $277,700

Total liabilities and also equity $508,900


a) Data and also Analysis:


Post-closing attempt Balance

December 31, 2021

Accounts Debit Credit

Cash $ 23,400

Accounts receivable 23,200

Prepaid insurance 4,300

Supplies 160,000

Long-Term invest 57,000

Land 46,000

Buildings 278,000

Accumulated depreciation $83,000

Accounts paurbanbreathnyc.comble 37,200

Notes paurbanbreathnyc.comble, early 2022 62,000

Interest paurbanbreathnyc.comble 11,000

Notes paurbanbreathnyc.comble, due 2031 121,000

Common share 210,000

Retained revenue 67,700

Totals $ 591,900 $ 591,900

b) The balance paper is a review of the financial position or assets, liabilities, and equity of strong Corporation together at December 31, 2021.

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Crater Corp. Will certainly be bound come the contract since Bo Borg has actually the evident authority together the exhilaration Vice chairman of purchasing. Also though he discussed the agreed amount the was over 2 million in the contract. Due to the fact that the Shady firm was unaware the he had actually exceeded his government the contract will stay in place. If Shady firm had of recognized that the did not have actually the last say and also needed approval the result of the transaction would certainly of to be different.