A person carries the gene and can pass it down to the next generation, but they do not have the disorder.

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A normal male marries a woman who is a carrier for color blindness. Predict the heredity of their offspring. ("b" shows color blindness)Work a Punnett Square and give the genotypic and phenotypic ratio
A display of every pair of homologous chromosomes within a cell, organized according to size and shape
Many farmers prefer cattle without horns because it is safer for their herds. The allele for no horns (N) is dominant to the allele for the presence of horns (n).A farmer mates a male with horns to a heterozygous female without horns.What is the chance that the offspring will have horns?
In cats, the allele for short hair (H) is dominant to the allele for long hair (h).A heterozygous short-hair cat is crossed with a long-hair cat.What percentage of the offspring is expected to be heterozygous for hair length?
In tomatoes, tall vines (T) are dominant to dwarf vines (t), and red fruit (R) is dominant to yellow fruit (r).A farmer mates a homozygous tall, red tomato plant (TTRR) with a heterozygous tall, red tomato plant (TtRr).What is the percent chance that the offspring will be dwarf plants with yellow fruit?
In rabbits, white fur (W) is dominant to black (w), and long ears (E) are dominant to short ears (e).A breeder mates two rabbits that are heterozygous (WwEe) for both traits.What is the chance that the offspring will be black with long ears?
a chart that tracks which members of a family have a particular traitAdded question - How many generations does the attached pedigree show? (answer - 3)




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