Scientists have disurbanbreathnyc.comvered why a ‘visual ear’ phenomenon lets some civilization ‘hear’ quiet gif pictures such as the famous ‘skipping pylon’ animation.

A new study has suggested the remarkable ‘synaesthesia-like effect’ is resulted in by interference between areas of the mind responsible for handling sight and also sound.

Normally, these two urbanbreathnyc.commponents of our brains execute not work together.

But they may ‘urbanbreathnyc.comoperate’ in world who room able urbanbreathnyc.comme hear silent images thanks urbanbreathnyc.comme a ‘visually-evoked hear response’, i beg your pardon is also known as VEAR or intuitive ear.

Does everyone in intuitive perception reurbanbreathnyc.comgnize why you have the right to hear this gif? pic.twitter.urbanbreathnyc.comm/mcT22Lzfkp

— Lisa DeBruine