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"If You ever before Have Forever in Mind" is a tune co-written and recorded by American nation music artist Vince Gill. It was released in may 1998 together the first single indigenous the album The Key. The song got to number 5 top top the Billboard Hot country Singles & tracks chart and number 1 in Canada. It likewise won Gill the Grammy compensation for best Male country Vocal Performance. That was created by Gill and also Troy Seals.

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You"re climb mountains, I"m on a hillYou"re constantly running I"m was standing stillYou live because that the moment, no future no pastI might be a fool to love by the rules and want it to lastIf you ever before have forever in mindI"ll be here and also easy to findIf your heart isn"t prepared to place down v mineIf you ever have forever in mindThe music has finished still you want to danceI recognize that feeling, ns can"t take that chanceYou live for the minute no future no pastI may be a fool come love through the rules, I want it come lastIf you ever before have forever in mindI"ll be here and easy come findIf her heart isn"t prepared to place down through mineIf you ever have forever in mind

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Vince Gill Vincent provide "Vince" Gill (born April 12, 1957) is one American nation singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. That has achieved commercial success and fame both together frontman to the country rock tape Pure Prairie league in the 1970s, and also as a solo artist start in 1983, whereby his talents as a vocalist and musician have actually placed the in high need as a guest vocalist, and also a duet partner. Gill has recorded much more than 20 studio albums, charted over 40 singles on the U.S. Billboard charts together Hot nation Songs, and also has sold more than 22 million albums. He has actually been honored by the country Music Association through 18 CMA Awards, consisting of two entertainer of the Year awards and also five male Vocalist Awards. Gill has also earned 20 Grammy Awards, much more than any type of other male… much more »

Written by: trojan HAROLD SEALS, VINCE GILL

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