Blades that Glory is a TV show that showed up on TV in 1970 . Knives of Glory stopped airing in 1970.

It features John Jacobs; Ben Stiller; Stuart Cornfeld as producer, Theodore Shapiro (composer) in fee of musical score, and Stefan Czapsky together head the cinematography.

Blades that Glory is taped in English and originally aired in united States. Each illustration of blades of Glory is 93 minutes long. Blades of Glory is distributed by big Pictures.

The actors includes: Jon Heder as Jimmy, Craig T. Nelson together Coach, will certainly Ferrell together Chazz, Nick Swardson together Hector, plunder Corddry together Bryce, Amy Poehler together Fairchild van Waldenberg, will certainly Arnett as Stranz van Waldenberg, Craig T. Nelson together Co-Anchor, Jenna Fischer together Katie van Waldenberg, wilhelm Fichtner together Darren MacElroy, and Jon Heder as Sam.

Blades that Glory Quotes

will certainly Ferrell together Chazz

(Will Ferrell) "Let"s gain outta here." (Jon Heder) "Now?" (Will Ferrell) "Yeah." (Will Ferrell) "Mind-bottling, isn"t it?" (Jon Heder) "Did you just say mind-bottling?" (Will Ferrell) "Yeah, mind-bottling. You know, as soon as things are so stunner it gets your thoughts every trapped, favor in a bottle?" (Will Ferrell) "I don"t desire to close mine eyes, don"t desire to fall asleep reason I miss out on you Jimmy, and also I don"t wanna miss a thing." (Will Ferrell) "I"m a sex addict. It"s my overcome to bear. It"s a real an illness with doctors and also medicine and everything." (Will Ferrell) "Don"t do me kill her." (Will Ferrell) "You"re living in the past, Sammi. Me and also the woodland Fairies, we"re life in the HERE and also NOW." (Will Ferrell) "Chazz Michaels and also Jimmy MacElroy are figure skating." (Will Ferrell) "Boom." (Will Ferrell) "This guy could not hold my jock sweat." (Jon Heder) "I could hold it all day long, try me." (Will Ferrell) "Maybe i will." (Jon Heder) "Maybe friend should." (Will Ferrell) "You difficult me, princess?" (Jon Heder) "I"m no inviting you to the Skating Federation"s annual Christmas party." (Will Ferrell) "Then lug it on." (Jon Heder) "It is on." (Will Ferrell) "SNOWBALL." (Will Ferrell) "I swear to God, if you reduced my head turn off --" (Will Ferrell) "You understand this is how I rolled when you met me." (Jon Heder) "No, when I met you, you to be a an excellent figure skater. Currently you"re just gaining stoned v the woodland Fairies." (Will Ferrell) "I dislike my life." (Will Ferrell) "I"m a sex addict and I"m attracted to women." (Will Ferrell) "Whoever invented rope was a genuine a-hole." (Will Ferrell) "The night is a very dark time because that me." (Jon Heder) "It"s dark for everyone, moron." (Will Ferrell) "Not for Alaskans or dudes with night-vision goggles." (Will Ferrell) "Eat THAT, MacElroy." (Jon Heder) "Those were the very same scores ns got, Einstein. We"re tied." (Will Ferrell) "You"re high." (Will Ferrell) "What"re you, the rug doctor?" (Jon Heder) "Maybe ns am." (Will Ferrell) "Well, I"m the rug MASTER." (Jon Heder) "What does that even mean?" (Will Ferrell) "You"re welcome Stockholm." (Will Ferrell) "I hope you"ve brought your silver polish, MacElroy, "cause the was gold." (Jon Heder) "That was disgusting." (Will Ferrell) "THAT, young man, is exactly how babies are made." (Will Ferrell) "Hey. Hey, you little forest creatures. No one of friend sons that bitches try to it is in heroes." (Will Ferrell) "I just threw up in here, people. That"s the reality. Just another layer come the legend. Ns am nothing however a person onion. In fact, we all a -- Ugh, encore." (Will Ferrell) "I think I check out the Virgin Mary." (Jon Heder) "No, that"s not her." (Will Ferrell) "Thank friend Denver, The City by the Bay man Denver." (Will Ferrell) "And that"s why ns was a sex addict because no one ever loved me, but I learned something below today, that ice it doesn"t belong in here" (Will Ferrell) "it belongs out there, the end on the ice, in an ice cream rink. Ns never had a father okay, but I don"t care due to the fact that now I"ve obtained a brother" (Will Ferrell) ", this is mine brother" (Will Ferrell) "and this is my brothers brand-new girlfriend and also she is not a whore. I"m in a most pain i think I"m gonna barf." (Jon Heder) "Chazz, Chazz lock gotta gain you come a hospital." (Will Ferrell) "What, no and miss the smell of sweet gold not on her life." (Will Ferrell) "Throw me some chicken." (Will Ferrell) "Better action aside homeschool, there"s a brand-new Sheriff in town." (Female Sex Addict/Rinkside Nurse) "Are you okay? I"m gonna have to cut your trousers off" (Will Ferrell) "Start up near the crotch. Its a much better access point." (Will Ferrell) "Personal philosophy? apparel optional." (Will Ferrell) "Hey, everyone. This is Gary the squirrel. Now, listen up, Gary"s been a lengthy time friend. We"ve to be skating for -- two and a half years. I remember as soon as we were hanging out close to a bus protect against in Tucson, He claimed "Hey, I"ve obtained a third ball"" (Will Ferrell) "I just threw increase in here people." (Will Ferrell) "It renders my hair shine like Orion"s Belt out on the ice." (Will Ferrell) "If we visited a Halloween party dressed as Batman and Robin, I"d go together Robin. That"s how much you average to me --" (Will Ferrell) "She"s together cold together the ice cream she skates on. She"s favor dry ice. No, wait. She"s colder than that. What"s chillier than dry ice?" (Jon Heder) "I don"t know" (Will Ferrell) "I"ll tell girlfriend what is, Oksana." (Will Ferrell) "Let"s catch the dream." (Jon Heder) "Capture the-wow ns love it. Where"d friend come up v that?" (Will Ferrell) "I have actually no idea wherein I come up with that." (Jon Heder) "Cool." (Will Ferrell) "Let"s kick some ice." (Will Ferrell) "Nancy Kerrigan. Girlfriend an official here? cause you"ve officially given me a boner." (Will Ferrell) "Oh, lug it on. Let the rain under on me." (Will Ferrell) "I view you have actually learned to job-related the Google top top the web machine." (Will Ferrell) "That"s retarded" (Will Ferrell) "But i remember Boston, and that success was as sweet as the cream pie for which the city was named." (Will Ferrell) "Troubled childhood? If you take into consideration a 9 year old child with a 35 year old girl friend troubled." (Will Ferrell) "Hey, Jimmy. Hey, it"s me, Chazz. Look, what happened ago there; so not a huge deal. Simply think of the as, prefer a, boob handshake; between me and also your lady"s boob. Look, that"s no coming the end right, I"ll describe it. Call me back. Please, it"s me, Chazz." (Will Ferrell) "Ahh, my nutsack." (Will Ferrell) "Help you yourself to the Mane n" Tail all you want, however don"t even look in ~ the Verticoli --" (Jon Heder) "Was the fire really necessary?" (Will Ferrell) "Ask THEM." (Will Ferrell) "You understand what dude, her hand has to be top top top." (Jon Heder) "No way, the girl"s go on top." (Will Ferrell) "Yeah, ergo, chick." (Jon Heder) "I"m not the girl, I"m stronger." (Will Ferrell) "No, I"M stronger, and don"t have actually a vagina." (Will Ferrell) "We love you Denver. City through the Bay."

Craig T. Nelson as Coach

(Craig T. Nelson) "You acquiring a many satisfaction from those 15 disagreement hookers?" (Will Ferrell) "I am never satisfied. It"s a curse." (Craig T. Nelson) "Figure skating? provide it up, Jimmy. It"s prefer a cruel bitch mother." (Craig T. Nelson) "All right, this is gonna protect against right now. From right here on out, you men are a team. Execute you understand? You room going to eat together, sleep together, you room going come pee together, you"re gonna document a joint income tax return; exercise starts now. End of discussion." (Craig T. Nelson) "Jimmy might be renowned because that his an individual hygiene, Scott, yet after the performance, he"s starting to reek -- that gold." (Craig T. Nelson) "The only skater to win 4 national championships and an adult movie award." (Craig T. Nelson) "What carry out you guys have that all various other teams don"t have?" (Will Ferrell) "Twin dongs?" (Craig T. Nelson) "You"re the girl." (Jon Heder) "What?" (Will Ferrell) "You"re my pretty lady, MacElroy." (Jon Heder) "Wait, why?" (Craig T. Nelson) "Because you whine favor one." (Craig T. Nelson) "And no one deserve to lift your fat ass, you"re ~ above a diet starting now." (Craig T. Nelson) "Chazz Michael Michaels: one ice-devouring sex tornado." (Craig T. Nelson) "Alright, ladies. Tea party"s over. We acquired two days "til Montreal. I want to watch an iron Lotus." (Craig T. Nelson) "These two placed the "bone" in Zamboni."

will certainly Arnett as Stranz valve Waldenberg

(Will Arnett) "Not just did us embarrass Marky Mark, we let down the Funky Bunch." (Will Arnett) "It renders my blood boil." (Amy Poehler) "You recognize I"m not a violent person. But I would favor to organize them down and also skate over your throats." (Will Arnett) "No, Katie, come back, us love you and also stuff --" (Will Arnett) "It"s over. Every the endorsements, whatever gone. Oh my God, i can"t acquire a genuine job; it"ll death me." (Will Arnett) "Those two room nothing yet a couple of freaks." (Will Arnett) "Remember how they used to it is in alive?" (Will Arnett) "Who"s gonna save you now, Chazz? Is little Lord MacLeroy gonna come and also meet ya down here?"

Jenna Fischer together Katie van Waldenberg

(Jenna Fischer) "Great. That"ll give me time to acquire my jugs waxed." (Jenna Fischer) "No, I"m not spying for you again." (Will Arnett) "We"re just asking you come discreetly tape their practice routines." (Jenna Fischer) "No. I"m no gonna make Chazz Michael Michaels loss in love v me." (Amy Poehler) "Who"s talking about love? We simply want girlfriend to have sex v him." (Jenna Fischer) "What? No. I am not going to have sex through Chazz." (Will Arnett) "Come on, Katie. Execute the honorable point here."

Jon Heder as Jimmy

(Jon Heder) "I simply put castle in order." (Jon Heder) "You ruined my dreams." (Will Ferrell) "Dreams? Shit, i haven"t had actually one the those in years." (Jon Heder) "Zip it Chazz, just zip it, or I"ll punch you in your crap-lousy face." (Will Ferrell) "Hey, this ends tonight." (Jon Heder) "It"s daytime, girlfriend douche." (Jon Heder) "So, Coach, ns was thinking about the music because that our routine." (Craig T. Nelson) "Oh, really?" (Will Ferrell) "We"re gonna dance to one song, and one track only: "Lady Humps" through the Blackeyed Peas. "What girlfriend gonna perform with all the junk, all that junk inside her trunk? I"m a get you, get you drunk, obtain you drunk off my lady humps, mine humps, my humps, my lovely lady humps."" (Jon Heder) "I"m no skating to anything with recommendations to lady humps. I don"t even know what that means." (Will Ferrell) "No one knows what that means, however it"s provocative --" (Jon Heder) "No, it"s not, it"s pistol --" (Will Ferrell) "-- It it s okay the human being going." (Jon Heder) "They"re laughing at us." (Will Ferrell) "Hey. They laughed at louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Currently he"s increase there, laughing in ~ them." (Jon Heder) "Watch my icy warm super slide." (Will Ferrell) "Do it." (Jon Heder) "Get out of mine face." (Will Ferrell) "I"ll get inside your face." (Jon Heder) "I don"t re-publishing rooms." (Will Ferrell) "I don"t re-publishing SHIT." (Will Ferrell) "The night is a really dark time because that me --" (Jon Heder) "It"s dark for everyone, moron." (Will Ferrell) "Not for Alaskans or dudes with night vision goggles." (Jon Heder) "I like your -- buttons." (Jon Heder) "Hey, It"s Jimmy. If you deserve to dream it, you have the right to do it." (Jon Heder) "You"re so fat." (Jon Heder) "I"ve never ever fallen in a competition before. Simply take my hand and also we can acquire through this." (Jon Heder) "I"ve been your kid for 26 years." (William Fichtner) "22, so no one can say ns didn"t try." (Jon Heder) "Y-y-y-you sex demon. Girlfriend sex fiend." (Will Ferrell) "This isn"t what it looks like." (Jon Heder) "Impure. Impure." (Jenna Fischer) "Jimmy, wait." (Will Ferrell) "Brother man." (Jon Heder) "Who"s that?" (Will Ferrell) "You typical Katie valve Waldenberg?" (Jon Heder) "She"s Stranz and also Fairchild"s sister?" (Will Ferrell) "Fairchild"s legs and Stranz"s ass." (Jon Heder) "I speak to top." (Will Ferrell) "Sorry, I currently called that in my head --" (Jon Heder) "No, friend can"t carry out that, the doesn"t count." (Will Ferrell) "Yes the does." (Jon Heder) "When i was nine, mine dad insisted on having actually me circumcised to minimize wind resistance." (Jon Heder) "I view you got FAT." (Will Ferrell) "I see you tho look choose a fifteen year old girl, however not hot."

wilhelm Fichtner as Darren MacElroy

(William Fichtner) "They might look cute and innocent, yet they"re nothing however a beehive because that germs and bacteria." (William Fichtner) "Banned because that life. That"s a long time." (William Fichtner) "You"re fired." (Craig T. Nelson) "What? I got him a gold Medal." (William Fichtner) "No, you gained him fifty percent a yellow Medal. If I wanted him come share, I would certainly have gotten him a brother." (William Fichtner) "I"m un-adopting you." (Jon Heder) "What?" (William Fichtner) "Well, legit I"m disowning you."

Nick Swardson together Hector

(Nick Swardson) "Oh, I"m still going to death you someday." (Nick Swardson) "Look, I nearly gave increase on you. I started working through that Ukrainian skater, you know, the one that looks prefer Elvis? and also I relocated to the Ukraine, and it to be cold and everyone had guns and smelled choose soup." (Nick Swardson) "It"s ashamed stalking a has-been." (Nick Swardson) "I completely want to cut off your skin and wear it to my date of birth -- It"s comes up --" (Nick Swardson) "I sent you a cup of mine blood. Walk you acquire my blood?" (Nick Swardson) "He likes food and also dreams and also whispers -- his favorite movie is quick Circuit -- and Fried environment-friendly Tomatoes." (Nick Swardson) "I wanna stay the gold medal -- naked."

Amy Poehler as Fairchild valve Waldenberg

(Sports Anchor) "And how heavy is that gold about your necks?" (Amy Poehler) "Scott, this may be heavy gold, however to united state it"s lighter than air, because dreams never weigh girlfriend down." (Will Arnett) "No.

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Dreams are in your sleep." (Amy Poehler) "Nothing breaks up a team much faster than --" (Will Arnett) "Herpes. Uh -- jealousy." (Amy Poehler) "No, to speak you want a snowbone."

plunder Corddry as Bryce

(Rob Corddry) "Are girlfriend drunk?" (Will Ferrell) "No, yet this oughta do it" (Rob Corddry) "I"d fire you -- if friend weren"t for this reason goddamn beautiful out there." (Rob Corddry) "You smell choose urine." (Will Ferrell) "A lot?"

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