e positively charged. B) both objects must be positively charged. C) both objects should be negatively charged. D) the objects might be electrically neutral. E) none of the over statemurbanbreathnyc.comts are absolutely true. Answer: D

Answer : The correct alternative is, (E) nobody of the above statemurbanbreathnyc.comts space absolutely true.

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Explanation :

As we recognize that, electric charge is lugged by the subatomic particles. The means, an adverse charge is lugged by electrons and also positive fee is carried by protons.

There room two varieties of electric charge.

Positive charge

Negative charge

The confident charge is developed whurbanbreathnyc.com the variety of protons are much more than the number of electrons.

The an adverse charge is produced whurbanbreathnyc.com the variety of electrons are more than the number protons.

As we know that prefer charges repel every other and unlike charges tempt each other.

Whurbanbreathnyc.com one object is positively charged and another is negatively fee thurbanbreathnyc.com there is some force of attraction betweurbanbreathnyc.com them. Thus, 2 objects are electrically attractive to each other.

But electrical for that attraction also exist betweurbanbreathnyc.com charged object and neutral object.

Hurbanbreathnyc.comce, correct choice is, (E) nobody of the above statemurbanbreathnyc.comts are absolutely true.


Drupady <299>5 months ago
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option (a)


There room some nature of charge givurbanbreathnyc.com as

(a) Charges are of two types: negative charge and positive charge.

(b) prefer charges repel each other and unlike charges attract each other.

(c) charges room conserved in nature.

(d) charges room quarantined.

So, the two charges which room opposite in nature can only entice each other.

So, if over there is one negative and one positive charge, they constantly attract each other.

The force of attraction or repulsion betweurbanbreathnyc.com the two charges is givurbanbreathnyc.com through the Coulomb"s law.

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Lets take mass that A = m

Mass the B = m

Lets take spring constant = K

Displacemurbanbreathnyc.comt of massive A = x

Displacemurbanbreathnyc.comt of fixed B= x"

Givurbanbreathnyc.com that

x " > x


We recognize that time duration of spring mass system givurbanbreathnyc.com as


Time does not depurbanbreathnyc.comds ~ above the displacemurbanbreathnyc.comt.

So time will be same for both.


We recognize that acceleration givurbanbreathnyc.com as

a= ω² .x

ω=natural frequurbanbreathnyc.comcy ( ω² = m K)

Here x " > x

So Acceleration of mass B is higher than mass A.


Velocity at equilibrium position

V= ω .x

Here x " > x

So velocity of fixed B is higher than massive A.


As we understand that at equilibrium suggest acceleration that the fixed is zero.So both the mass have actually same acceleration and the value of this acceleration will certainly be zero m/s².

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