False; the populace variance and sample variance have various denominators in their formulas, for this reason these worths are practically always different.

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Amy is looking right into investing a portion of her current bonus into the share market. While researching different companies, she discovers the adhering to standard deviations of one year of everyday stock closing prices.a. Garden Statues Express: standard deviation of share prices = $9.65b. Masterful Pocketwatches: typical deviation of share prices = $1.05 based upon the data and also assuming these fads continue, which firm would provide Amy a stable permanent investment?
a worth that is beneficial in compare data values from populaces with different means and traditional deviationsa. Discrete variableb. Traditional deviationc. Z score
which of the following is true? a. Population estimator is computed because that data from a sample b. A populace parameter is computed for data indigenous a sample c. A point estimator is computed for data from a sample d. A point estimator is computed because that data native the whole population
Z-score is likewise know as ... A. Square the the conventional deviation b. Square root of the sample variance c. Square of the mean d. Standardized value
Which the the following is true? a.The sum of the deviations is zero b. The sum of the square source of the deviations is zero c. The amount of the squares that the deviations is zero d. The amount of the absolute values of the deviations is zero
Which of the following is true follow to Chebyshev"s theorem?a. At least 1/2 of the monitorings should autumn within one conventional dev. B. At the very least 5/6 the the observations should loss within 3 standard dev. C. At least 7/8 the the monitorings should fall within 4 standard dev. D. At least 3/4 that the observations should loss within two standard dev.

Statistical approaches in Business and also Economics15th EditionDouglas A. Lind, Samuel A. Wathen, wilhelm G. Marchal



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