52) complete mixed prices can it is in expressed together a mix of the fixed and sunk expense equations.

53) Managers often approximate curvilinear costs and step expenses as resolved costs.

54) If production increases by 25%, exactly how will total fixed prices likely react?

A) rise by 12.5%

B) rise by 25%

C) diminish by 25%

D) remain the very same

55) If production increases by 30%, how will complete variable costs likely react?

A) rise by 15%

B) to decrease by 30%

C) rise by 30%

D) remain the same

56) which of the following would be taken into consideration a discretionary solved cost?

A) property taxes and insurance

B) proclaiming

C) Employees wages

D) Depreciation

57) which of the adhering to would be considered a committed solved cost?

A) Depreciation

B) research study and breakthrough

C) Office vacation party

D) declaring

You are watching: If production increases by 25%, how will total fixed costs likely react?

58) monitoring has tiny or no manage over

A) discretionary solved costs.

B) committed solved costs.

C) all solved costs.

D) every one of the above.

59) i beg your pardon of the complying with cost actions cannot it is in accurately represented by a single straight line?

A) Variable prices

B) Mixed prices

C) Fixed expenses

D) Step expenses

60) supervisors should take into consideration which the the complying with when predicting prices at various volumes?

A) The relevant selection of the price

B) The form of cost actions

C) Both the the above should it is in considered.

D) no of the above should be considered.

61) an equation of a heat for total costs is

A) y = vx – f.

B) y = fx + v.

C) y = f.

D) nobody of the above.

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