HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, let the games start on Tyler Perry’s “If loving You is Wrong.” critical week Randal learned the game-changing an enig that he is the father of Alex’s baby. This week’s episode ‘Time because that a Cigar’ experienced the games in between Brad and also Randal intensify. What a act to check out Randal ultimately come face-to-face with his son, every the while, Alex continued to it is in in denial around her feelings for Randal. She proceeds to forget that it bring away to human being to cheat.

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The drama only intensified as soon as Brad verified up to the hospital egging his mam to enable Randal to hold his child. Brad has come to be a little bit of an ass lately, but have the right to we blame the after the betrayal his wife delivered to him? Randal was literally fuming once he heard Brad’s voice; the man wouldn’t even confront his former BFF. When Brad taunted Randal through the video of him and also Marcie having actually sex, Randal was close come unleashing hell on Alex’s hubby, and a fight damaged out in the hospital room the left Alex fleeing through her newborn.

Brad win Randal senseless; the was as if Randal didn’t even put up a fight. What goes roughly comes around. Eddie ongoing his mission to defend the fact from acquiring out, by asking the new operator, Claudia, what she knew. Claudia confirmed to be great at avoiding a direct answer to provide to Eddie around what she observed in the video. Lushion was mindful that Eddie was approximately something.

The mystery rendezvous in between Faun and also Joey ongoing as the duo made decision to gain hot and also heavy in ~ the parent’s house. He to be slightly taken aback to watch that his new girl toy is life the lavish life. Ramsey determined to make his move on Kelly who was watched staring into an are while sitting in her car. I median fans the the present were well aware these two would become an object after they come face-to-face, however one minor trouble still exists with Travis.

Ramsey and Kelly had actually an in-depth conversation around all the ins and also outs in the neighborhood. As the duo claimed goodbye, a kiss that seemed choose years in the making was interrupted by Travis that was jealous beyond jealous. Kelly toyed v Travis’ emotions, however she need to be careful because it looks prefer Travis might have a violent temper. Just when the lovebirds assumed they were in a good spot, Faun and Joey had actually their moment damaged by she father who burst into her room with a shotgun, ready to shoot. Natalie will not it is in happy once she to learn what her son has actually been increase to.

Miss Louise is going come stick about a little bit longer, simply as Randal arrived home with a quit face, yet a laugh that concerned Marcie and his mother. Perhaps the reality that he has actually a son and neither that them has a clue around it? Lushion chose to have a chat v Pete around his new duties top top the cycle patrol. Pete has failed come realize exactly how dangerous gift a cop is, together he alluded come something ‘big’ he is functioning on. That caused Lushion to worry about what Pete to be planning; Lou did his finest to talk part sense right into Pete to no success.

Natalie was in for a whirlwind once she learned that Mr. Kim fired not just Joey, but also her! This woman was livid and she slapped some sense into her son. She chose to teach her son a lesson and also kicked him the end of her house. Ben continued to perform his best to try to acquire closer to Pete who was the least bit interested. Pete determined to have actually a conversation v the Captain about Eddie’s dirty dealings, but per usual obstacles stand in the way. Looks prefer Steven might have part dirty connections in the police department as well.

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Ramsey paid a visit come Marcie and jumped the total by note she just offered birth come a infant boy, which left Marcie floored. Because that this to be a penultimate episode, it certain seemed like a finale. Following week’s 90-minute season finale looks favor lives will forever it is in shattered. Until next Tuesday “If love You is Wrong” love birds.