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simply tell me, call me how to store thisAnd I’ll be alrightJust tell me, call me what’s the secretAnd I’ll host it tightBecause i don’t want to spend an additional momentWithout girlfriend againJust call me, call me just how to save thisSo it never ever endsIf ns were God, just for a dayI would be guiltyOf letting the whole world slip awayI wouldn’t change,No, i wouldn’t change a thingI"d leaving the mistakesI"ll take it the blameAnd I"ll usage the chanceTo save you simply the sameIf ns were, if ns were God just for a dayDon"t tell me, call me how it changesIt"s you ns can"t replaceDon"t tell me, tell me that we"re hopelessI can learn from mine mistakesBecause ns don"t want to spendAnother moment without you again
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