If a rational customer is in equilibrium, i beg your pardon of the following problems will organize true?

MUa = MUb = MUc = . . . = MUn.

You are watching: If a rational consumer is in equilibrium, which of the following conditions will hold true?

The marginal energy of each an excellent purchased will be zero.

The marginal energy of the last dollar invested on each great purchased will certainly be the same.

The full utility derived from each great purchased will certainly be the same.

If MUa/Pa = 100/$35 = MUb/Pb = 300/? = MUc/Pc = 400/?, the price of products B and C in customer equilibrium:

cannot be determined from the information given.

are $105 and $140 respectively.

are $105 and $175 respectively.

are $100 and $200 respectively.


january 22 2021 05:36 afternoon

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Ekanki p reply on January 24, 2021
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Answers: 1. A rational customer is in equilibrium once the marginal energy of the critical dollar invested on each great purchased will be the same.

A rational customer will...
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