Daniel McLoyd, popularly known as “IceJJFish,” is a rapper, singer, and also “YouTuber,” who is recognized for his intentionally poor vocals. He came to be famous for the single `On the Floor,’ which was released in 2014 and became a substantial hit. It obtained 10 million see in a month and now has actually over 70 million views. After attaining popularity, he has actually collaborated with various other commercial artists, such together Tyler, The Creator. He has additionally released a series of album and singles, which different in genre and also style. His ‘YouTube’ channel has actually over 666 thousand subscribers and over 100 million views. Daniel is compared with william Hung, who got instant fame for his disastrous singing on ‘American Idol.’

Daniel McLoyd, aka “IceJJFish,” started his job on ‘YouTube’ in 2013. His first video to be `Rawest that them all Live,’ uploaded on may 17. The video has received over a million views. His following video, which to be uploaded ~ a couple of months, to be `I sing through 100 voices.’ It also received end a million views.

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In January 2013, the uploaded the video `IceJJFish - No Topping You,’ which became his first video to cross 5 million views. However, the video also received a many criticism and ridicule.
On February 6, that uploaded the video `IceJJFish - on The Floor.’ His bad rapping and also singing earned him a lot of popularity in a brief time. The video clip earned him end 10 million see in just a month. Eventually, it obtained over 73 million views.
Though he was hugely criticized and also ridiculed because that his terrible singing and also dancing, many think it is a marketing tactic and that McLoyd is, in fact, a marketing genius. Some critics are also having a hard time figuring the end if the is really significant or the negative music is intentional and meant to be funny.
He continued to release number of videos top top his channel, few of them earning millions of views. Several of his various other videos space `IceJJFish- choose I want To,’ i m sorry has almost two million views, `IceJJFish- really Trynna Do,’ with over 1.4 million views, `IceJJFish – mine Bae,’ with practically two million views, and `Ice JJ Fish- NO NO NO,’ with virtually 70 thousand views.
McLoyd is likewise popular top top ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram.’ He additionally sells his song on ‘iTunes,’ and despite the criticism, that is recognized to make a kind amount.
Daniel McLoyd to be born top top July 30, 1994. That is well-known to it is in from Aurora, Illinois, in the US. But he has not revealed much around his childhood, parents, or personal life.
McLoyd is often compared with wilhelm Hung, a contestant of ‘American Idol,’ who gained instant fame for his destructive singing.

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Despite the hefty criticism, McLoyd appears to have paid tiny attention to his critics, and also has continued releasing music and being more successful in his career.
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