around It was a an excellent Day

"It to be a great Day" (also recognized as "Today to be a great Day") is a tune by American gangsta rapper ice Cube. It to be released in February 1993 as the 2nd single from his 3rd solo album, The Predator. The track peaked in ~ number 7 on the Billboard hot R&B/Hip-Hop song chart and also on the UK Charts at number 27. It likewise peaked in ~ #15 in the Billboard warm 100, and is ice Cube"s highest-charting single on the graph to date. It was ranked as the 81st-greatest rap song of every time through About. Com and number 77 top top VH1"s 100 greatest Songs that the 90s. In 2008, it to be ranked number 28 ~ above VH1"s 100 greatest songs of hip hop. Ice Cube did 2 wedding remixes of the track with Jason Derulo in 2011 and also Bruno Mars in 2014. Both to be featured on ice Cube"s biggest Hits broadened Edition Album.more »

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Break "emShit, uh, yoYeahUhJust waking increase in the morning, gotta thank GodI don"t know but today seems kinda oddNo barking indigenous the dog, no smogAnd momma cook a breakfast through no hog (yeah)I acquired my grub on, but didn"t pig outFinally obtained a contact from a girl I want to dig out (wassup?)Hooked it increase for later on as ns hit the do"Thinking, "Will ns live another twenty fo"?"I gotta walk "cause I acquired me a drop topAnd if ns hit the switch, I can make the ass dropHad to stop at a red lightLooking in mine mirror, no a jacker in sightAnd everything is alrightI obtained a beep indigenous Kim and also she have the right to f*ck every nightCalled up the homies and also I"m askin" y"all"Which park, room y"all playin" basketball?"Get me top top the court and I"m troubleLast week, fucked around and got a triple doubleFreakin" niggas every method like M.J.I can"t believe, this day was a great day (shit)Drove come the pad and hit the showersDidn"t even get no static from the cowards"Cause simply yesterday them fools tried come blast meSaw the police and they rolling right previous meNo flexin", didn"t also look in a nigga"s direction together I ran the intersectionWent to short Dog"s house, they was watchin" Yo! Mtv RapsWhat"s the haps top top the craps?Shake "em up, shake "em up, shake "em up, shiver "emRoll "em in a one of niggas and watch me rest "emWith the 7, 7-11, 7-117, even back do" tiny JoeI picked up the cash flowThen us played bones, and also I"m yellin", "Domino"Plus nobody ns know gained killed in South central L.A.Today to be a great day (shit)Left mine nigga"s house paid (what)Picked up a girl to be tryna f*ck due to the fact that the twelfth gradeIt"s ironic, I had actually the brew, she had the chronicThe Lakers win the SupersonicsI felt on the large fat fannyPulled the end the jammy, and killed the punannyAnd my penis runs deep, so deep, so deep placed her ass to sleepWoke her up around oneShe didn"t hesitate, to contact Ice Cube the height gun (yeah)Drove her to the pad and also I"m coastingTook another sip the the potion, fight the three-wheel motionI was glad everything had functioned outDropped she ass off and then chirped outToday was like one of those fly dreamsDidn"t also see a berry flashing those high beamsNo helicopter in search of a murderTwo in the morning got the FatburgerEven saw the lights of the Goodyear BlimpAnd it read "Ice Cube"s a pimp" (yeah)Drunk together hell however no cram upHalfway home and my pager tho blowing upToday ns didn"t also have to use my AKI gotta speak it to be a good day (shit)Ay, wait, wait a minute Pooh, prevent this shitWhat the f*ck I"m reasoning about?

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ice cream Cube O"Shea Jackson (born June 15, 1969), better known by his stage name ice cream Cube, is one American rapper, document producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director. He began his career as a member of the i know well hop team C.I.A. And later joined the rap team N.W.A (Niggas through Attitudes). After ~ leaving N.W.A in December 1989, he built a effective solo career in music, and also as a writer, director, actor and producer in cinema. Additionally, he has served as one of the producer of the Showtime television series Barbershop and the TBS collection Are us There Yet?, both of which space based upon films in i m sorry he shown the command character. An ext »

Written by: Bernie Worrell, Curtis Mayfield, O"shea Jackson, George Clinton, william Earl Collins