When us were kids, we watched those Bugs rabbit cartoons and also knew they to be referencing something, yet we weren’t certain what. This is a quick guide.

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It occurred One Night

Bugs hare is many notable for 2 characteristics: cracking wise and also munching carrots. Regardless of the truth that rabbit really carry out eat carrots, both behaviors, together with some vocal tics and also mannerisms, room all inspired by Clark Gable’s power of reporter Peter Warner in the 1934 movie It occurred One Night.

The Day and Night scene of Jerry Hawthorn Esquire and also his Elegant friend Corinthian Tom

The name of cat and also mouse duo Tom and Jerry to be picked due to the fact that they to be common, generic male names, right? not really. In the 19th century, brothers writer Pierce Egan created a book about the misadventures of two guys in London called The Day and also Night scene of Jerry Hawthorn Esquire and also his Elegant friend Corinthian Tom. It was a vast success, and also made the combination of the names Tom and also Jerry a common way to express to any male duo, and became the surname of the Christmas cocktail, the Tom and Jerry. Those names to be still in the general public consciousness as soon as picked because that the cartoon duo in the 1940s.

Bing Crosby

Before the dawn of absent n’ roll, Bing crosby was the most renowned entertainers in the country—he winner an Oscar for acting and racked up 40 number-one hits. He was hugely popular and also famous, so even a casual referral in a cartoon come his an individual life would be understood. Crosby was a big fan of both horses and betting – he raised horses and started a gyeongju club, pouring a fortune right into those hobbies. But none the his horses ever won a huge race, something that came to be a running hoax in the press. It is why in old cartoons you’ll regularly see a friendly horse nuzzling a man in a sweater and a cap – that’s Bing Crosby.

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The Liberace Show

With his fabulous costumes and also chatty stage persona, Liberace to be a organic fit for TV. In fact, he was one of the first TV stars with The Liberace Show, which aired from 1952 come 1955. His brother, George, play violin in his backing band, but was often lacking from show tapings because that concerts or conference work. Whenever that was, Liberace would certainly quip, “I great my brother George to be here.” anytime the action in a cartoon would call for Bugs Bunny come sit down at a piano, he’d revolve to the camera and utter the very same line.