Rivendell, plenty of Meetings "That wound will never completely heal. That will carry it the remainder of his life." (Gandalf) "And yet to have actually come so far still bearing the Ring, the Hobbit has presented extraordinary resilience to Its evil." (Elrond) "It is a burden he never must have had actually to bear. We deserve to ask no more of Frodo." (Gandalf) "Gandalf! The Ring cannot continue to be here. This peril belongs to every Middle-Earth. They must decide now how to end it. The time of the Elves is over. My people are leaving this shores. Who will you look to as soon as we"ve gone? The Dwarves? castle hide in their mountains seeking riches. They care nothing for the problem of others." (Elrond) "It is in men that us must ar our hope." (Gandalf) "Men? males are weak. <...> it is because of males the ring survives. I was there. Ns was there 3000 years earlier ... When Isildur take it the Ring. I was over there the work the toughness of males failed. I led Isildur right into the heart of mount Doom, whereby the Ring to be forged, the one place It might be destroyed! It need to have ended that day, but evil was permitted to endure. Isildur maintained the ring. The heat of kings is broken. There"s no toughness left in the civilization of Men. They"re scattered, divided, leaderless." (Elrond) "There is one who might unite them, one who could reclaim the throne of Gondor." (Gandalf) "He turned from that path a long time ago. He"s chosen exile." (Elrond) "Why execute you are afraid the past? You room Isildur"s heir, no Isildur himself. You are not bound come his fate." (Arwen) "The exact same blood flows in my veins. The very same weakness." (Aragorn) "Your time will certainly come. Girlfriend will challenge the very same evil and also you will defeat it.

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The shadow does not hold sway however Aragorn, no over you, no one over me." (Arwen) "I would fairly share one life time with you, then confront all the eras of this human being alone. I pick a mortal life." (Arwen) Quotes
Great River
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