About Tear you Apart

"Tear girlfriend Apart" is a song by American rock tape She desires Revenge. It was released together the 2nd single from your self-titled debut studio album in January 2006 in the U. S. And July 17, 2006 in the UK. The song got to number 6 ~ above the Billboard different Songs chart and number 122 on the Billboard warm 100.

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Got a big plan, this attitude maybe that is rightAt the right place and also right time, perhaps tonightAnd the whisper or handshake sending a signWanna make out and also kiss hard, wait never mindLate night, and also passing, cite it flipped herBest friend, who knows saying perhaps it slippedBut the slip turns to terror and a crush to lightWhen she go in, he froze up, think its the frightIts cute in a way, it rotates you can not speakAnd you leave to have actually a cigarette, her knees gain weakAn escape is just a nod and also a casual waveObsessed around it, hefty for the next two daysIt"s only simply a crush, it"ll walk awayIt"s similar to all the rather it"ll walk awayOr possibly this is danger and he simply don"t knowYou pray it every away but it continues to growI desire to hold you closeSkin pressed versus me tightLie still, and also close her eyes girlSo lovely, the feels therefore rightI desire to organize you closeSoft breasts, beating heartAs i whisper in your earI desire to fucking tear girlfriend apartThen he walked up and also told her, thinking that he"d passedAnd castle talked and looked away a lot, law the danceHer hand brushed up against his, she left it thereTold him just how she felt and also then lock locked in a stareThey take it a action back, thought around it, what should they do"Cause there"s constantly repercussions as soon as you"re dating in schoolBut your lips met, and also reservations began to passWhether this was just an evening or a thing that would certainly lastEither means he want her and also this was badHe want to carry out things to she it was making him crazyNow a tiny crush turned into a likeAnd currently he wants to grab she by the hair and also tell herI desire to host you closeSkin pressed against me tightLie still, and close your eyes girlSo lovely, that feels for this reason rightI desire to hold you closeSoft breasts, beating heartAs ns whisper in your earI want to fucking tear friend apart

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She wants Revenge She wants Revenge is one American musical duo, based in san Fernando Valley, California. The group"s debut album She wants Revenge was released in early 2006, with 3 singles to follow ("These Things," a video clip featuring Shirley Manson native Garbage, "Out of Control," and also "Tear friend Apart" for which the video clip was command by Joaquin Phoenix). The band has sold an ext than 300,000 records in the US.

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The band"s 2nd album, This Is Forever, to be released top top October 9, 2007. More »