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How you doing sweetheart? hey ah you recognize these last couple of months we`ve beenTogetha, have actually been for this reason right and also I`m simply so happy because that what us share, I`ve beenWondering exactly how do you feel?I wanna gain lost in love with you (oh yeah?)And do all the points you want me toCaress her body, touch you softlyCuz boy ns love friend sooo (and ns love you too baby)The love we share is something so especialEstar contigo is all i wanna execute every nightEver since el primer dia, the first dayI knew we`d critical foreva if I had actually it mine waySo the days go on, no hago otra cosa, yet dreamAbout the moments our heartsWill come closaHolding tu mano, and also your face tan bonita, never met one more young ladySeñoritaAnd the is why ns gotta say that you`re the bestA million and also one ways just to expressMi amor, I know that we will certainly be togetha, so sing to me baby and also sing forevaI wanna be through you alwaysTogether forever `till our finishing daysHold me infant don`t permit goMaking love like never ever beforeMaking love in the night timeWalks and romanceI`m telling you hermosaMy heart is in a tranceThey say that true love is so tough to findI give thanks to the man up aboveFor making girlfriend mineTalking on the telephone sending out you kissesA dozen the roses just to say that i am missingThe warmth of her body right next to mineEres tu la mejor choose a toast of well wineOut come the movies maybe sharing part ice creamSi estoy dormido, don`t wake up me from my dreamTodo lo que quiero, every I require is your affectionMy life was fine, however you lugged perfectionNow we sit right here just hold handsWhispers in my ear call me that I`ll be her manToday, manana, in a paradise for twoI feeling the same method cuz I`m so in love through youI love the means you make me feelMy love because that you is five so realEmbrace mine body, touch me sofltyLove me `till the morningYou recognize that love us share is just something so specialThe tenderness, I simply don`t recognize what to say girlWould you song to me?One much more time execute it like this, come onI wanna get lost in love through youAnd carry out all the points you want me toCaress your body, touch friend sofltyCuz boy i love you soooI wanna be through you alwaysTogether forever `till our ending daysHold me infant don`t permit goMaking love like neva before