I remain Away is the second single indigenous Jar that Flies.In the liner note of the Music Bank, Jerry Cantrell said this around the song:That was the an initial time we’d composed with… check out More 

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Yeah, hey, I desire to travel southern this yearI won't, won't prevent safe passage hereWhy friend act crazyNot one act, maybeSo close, a ladyShifty eyes, shadyYeah, hey, yeah, tears the soak a callous heartWhy friend act frightenedI am enlightenedYour weakness build meSo someday you'll seeI remain awayWhy girlfriend act crazyNot an act, maybeSo close, a ladyShifty eyes, shady
I stay Away is the 2nd single native Jar that Flies.

In the liner notes of the Music Bank, Jerry Cantrell stated this about the song:

That was the very first time wednesday written through Mike Inez, which makes this an additional special song. The totality Jar of flies EP showed to both us and also the pan what a talented and valid component of the tape Mike was. The plays the nastiest, darkest shit yet he’s got the sweetest love in the world."

The tune is additionally known for its music video, done totally in claymation by Nick Donkin. The video clip shows a male teenager with a jug of paris at a carnival, in which that releases the paris which cause deadly instances at the carnival.


Jar of flies (1994)
Alice in Chains
I remain Away
Written By
Mike Inez, Jerry Cantrell & Layne Staley
Toby Wright
Toby Wright
Matthew Weiss & Rebecca Clemons-Smith
Justine Foy
April Acevez
Backing Vocals
Jerry Cantrell
Michael Inez Music, Jack lord Music & Buttnugget Publishing
Recording Assistant
Jon Plum
Mixing Assistant
Liz Sroka
Sean Kinney
Sean Kinney
Lead Vocals
Layne Staley
Jerry Cantrell
Mike Inez
Recorded At
London leg Studio, Seattle, Washington
Release Date
January 25, 1994

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