I see the Moon and the Moon watch Me


I check out the moon and the moon sees me,The moon sees someone I wanna seeGod bless the moon and also God bless me:And God bless that somebody I wanna see.

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I check out the moon and the moon watch me,The moon sees someone I wanna seeGod bless the moon and also God bless me:And God bless that somebody I wanna see.



The following is from "What They to speak in brand-new England: A publication of Signs, Sayings, and Superstitions" (1896) through Clifton Johnson:"Look in ~ the moon some night and say, - "I view the moon, the moon sees me; The moon sees somebody I desire to see." Then surname the human you great to see, and also in a day or two you will check out that person."****Here"s component of a variation attributed come Meredith Willson (1953). It"s regularly sung as a lullaby:I check out the moon; the moon look at meUnder the the shade of the old oak tree.Please permit the light the shines on meShine on the one ns love.Over the mountains, over the sea,Back wherein my heart is longing come be,Please permit the light that shines on meShine top top the one i love.


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