April 7, 2020 | by Vienna Scott, BF ‘21. Vienna is majoring in spiritual Studies and Political Science.

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I’ll provide you a daisy a day, dear

I’ll provide you a daisy a day

I’ll love you until the rivers operation still

And the four winds we understand blow away

Every year ~ above Mother"s Day, a tiny old guy at mine parents’ neighborhood Lutheran Church would certainly amble up the aisle, to the rickety old piano, and also pluck out the country song “Daisy a Day.”

“I’ll provide you a daisy a day, to ~ / I’ll provide you a daisy a day/ okay love you till the rivers operation still/ and the four winds we understand blow away”

While that crooned out the sweet Jud Strunk lyrics, the ushers and the pastor would walk up and also down the aisle and also distribute a single daisy to each mommy in the congregation. For the congregants, the folkish ditty to be an endearing commemoration the the spiritual bond between mother and child. My mother, one elementary school music teacher that felt vocationally called to parenthood, braved those Sunday solutions with faltering resolve as every year the ushers passed her by. She was infertile.

The daisy ended up being a symbol of her struggle. Ns imagine her prayers top top those torturous Sundays, favor Rebekah and Elisabeth and Hannah before her, “O mr of Heaven’s Armies, if you will certainly look upon mine sorrow and answer mine prayer and also give me a child; provide me a daisy…”

On April 7th, 1999, after four years of doctors appointments and testing, friends’ pregnancies and solitary stripes ~ above plastic sticks, crying and also praying, my twin sister and also I to be born. In might of 1999, she obtained her very first daisy.

Since then, we’ve moved five times and attended fifty percent a dozen various other churches. But, yearly on Mother’s day my father pulls the end his wearied acoustic guitar and strums the an easy C- F- C- F- C- D- G. While the serenades, one by one, indigenous youngest come oldest, each of her nine youngsters hands her a single, long-stemmed, daisy. They produce a full bouquet.

In yearly celebration, the yellow and white bud that “Mary’s rose” reminds us of the constancy and overabundance of oh my god love. She barrenness was damaged with twins. Doctors balked as she conduct to deliver three more biological youngsters in her state the infertility. V adoption, foster care, and legal guardianship, she is now a mother to what sometimes feels prefer multitudes. The daisy is our proverbial olive branch, a price of prayers fulfilled. That is exchange has become virtually covenantal.

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While Coronavirus rages outside, us sit quarantined, like that prophetic household on one arc, together. No rain, but disease fills the outside world. Every when in a while, I spend some time outside, moseying approximately the an initial budding flowers, thrusting through the continuing to be fringe the snow. Amidst the crocus buds and daffodil stems, i’m hoping to discover the an initial daisy the Spring.

If you, favor me, are in search of modest signs of hope in a time the a near-biblical calamity, ns commend unto you the sweet refrains that “Daisy a Day.” if the human being seems to it is in drowning, we worship a God that will love united state till the rivers operation still. And also the 4 winds we understand blow away…