Aristotle famously wrote, "The much more you know, the much more you establish you don"t know."


In the picture above, you can see the impact this has on confidence as one"s suffer grows. Initially, her confidence is low due to the fact that you know you"re inexperienced. However, ~ a short while, you begin to "get it", and you acquire into a comfort zone. Depending upon how demanding your atmosphere is, you might stay there because that a very long time, yet if you"re being thrust you"ll likely easily fall down into the "valley the despair" as you realize there"s a lot an ext you haven"t however mastered. From there, usually your confidence grows as your suffer increases. This is recognized as the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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Consider exactly how this compare to Imposter Syndrome, in which one"s trust is much lower than it have to be provided one"s experience. This graph does a an excellent job of setting the 2 off against one another:



Dunning-Kruger largely only uses when you have restricted experience, and also are overconfident. Imposter Syndome comes right into play when you have actually experience and also skill, but feel choose you"re insufficient relative come others. They"re flip sides the the exact same coin, and also the best method to combat both of these is come surround yourself v peers of assorted experience levels and put yourself into cases where your capacity can it is in measured in some kind and respond to actual feedback, rather than simply listening to your very own subconscious.

I"ve heard someone define the relationship between experience and confidence using the an allegory of an widening circle. Your knowledge is stood for by the within of the circle, and everything girlfriend don"t yet know is outside. Together you find out more, you push the circle outward, raising its area. Yet you likewise increase the one of the circle, thus raising your contact with points you don"t however know. I thought this to be a an excellent way come look in ~ this, and also made a map out to demonstrate the idea:

Knowns and Unknowns

Of course, girlfriend can prolong this diagram further and also apply Rumsfeld"s famous quote about unknown unknowns. The an ext experience girlfriend have, the an ext things there space that you recognize you know. However also, the an ext things you know you don"t know. And also no issue what, over there will always be a huge (perhaps infinite) number of unknown unknowns:

Knowns, well-known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns

As girlfriend actually acquire experience, shot to reflect ~ above it. Maybe you now have a deeper understanding of a certain topic or technology. Probably there are things you never ever realized were even a consideration, that currently you at least are aware of. Shot to store in mind that most of the points you have a cursory knowledge of, but which yes, really are well-known unknowns come you, most likely are similar in that if you were to yes, really dive into them, you"d find there"s a lot much more to them than you realize now. Law this has actually several benefits. It helps keep your ego in check. That helps store your curiosity and willingness to discover alive. And it helps you develop and maintain respect for others that maybe have actually taken the moment to learn an ext about a topic around which you"ve only scratched the surface. What"s the downside?

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