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"I recognize He Ate a Cheese" (often stylized there is no capitalization) is an expression referencing a scene in the cartoon television series Tom and also Jerry, in i m sorry Jerry the computer mouse eats a large wedge of cheese that transforms the shape of his entire body.


In 1952, the Tom and also Jerry cartoon brief "Fit to it is in Tied" to be broadcast, in which the cat character Tom delivers the mouse character Jerry dishes of cheese wedges ~ being assaulted by Jerry"s canine friend Spike. ~ Jerry consumes a big piece of cheese bigger than his entire body, his form conforms to the of the cheese wedge (shown below).<1>

On December 19th 2014, Tumblr user Papayajuan<2> post a screen recorded image that Jerry in the shape of the cheese wedge. ~ above July 10th, 2015 Tumblr user Hakushokuwaisei<3> reblogged the original post Papayajuan and included the caption "i recognize he ate a cheese." Within two years, the initial write-up has gained practically 45,000 notes.



On September 28th, 2015, the I-know-he-ate-a-cheese Tumblr blog was launched. Top top October 1st, Tumblr user spooky-garnet uploaded a short article titled "cheesememe.png," featuring a photoshopped picture of the personality Amethyst indigenous "Steven Universe": with Jerry the computer mouse edited end her challenge (shown below, left). ~ above October 2nd, Tumblr user malcolmspooks<5> post a grid of Jerry photo macros with captions spelling out the sentence "he ate a cheese when no-one rather would" (shown below, right).






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The trend began spreading around Portuguese tiktok in mid-August prior to going global this month, and is inspiring some interesting reactions indigenous cats.

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