About ns Close my Eyes and Count come Ten

\"I Close my Eyes and also Count come Ten\" is a tune written by Clive Westlake and also recorded by brother singer Dusty Springfield. Taped June 1, 1968, at Chappel Studios in London, \"I Close mine Eyes...\" to be released that August to with No. 4 in the UK Singles Chart, whereby it ranks as among Springfield\"s best hits: of her solo singles only \"I just Don\"t recognize What to perform With Myself\" (No. 3) and \"You Don\"t have to Say friend Love Me\" (No. 1) outrank \"I Close mine Eyes...\" when \"I only Want come Be with You\" matches that is No. 4 optimal (although \"I just Want come Be through You\" charted substantially longer than \"I Close my Eyes...\", eighteen weeks as opposed to twelve). In the US, \"I Close mine Eyes...\" was Springfield\"s final release ~ above the Phillips label, Springfield having signed in June 1968 to have Atlantic documents be her united state label of release as of that August; in turn the single was basically ignored in the US reaching No. 122 on the Bubbling Under hot 100 Singles graph in Billboard. (The united state release of \"I Close mine Eyes...\" changed the UK B-side \"No Stranger am I\" v Springfield\"s rendition the \"La Bamba\".)more »

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It isn\"t the method that you lookAnd the isn\"t the means that friend talkIt isn\"t the points that you to speak or doMake me want you soIt is naught to perform with the wineOr the music that\"s flooding mine mindBut never prior to have ns been so sureYou\"re the someone i dreamed I would findIt\"s the way you do me feelThe moment I am close to youMakes this particular day feel for this reason unrealSomehow ns can\"t think it\"s trueThe pounding i feel in mine heartThe hoping the we\"ll never ever partI can\"t think this is really happening to meI close my eyes and also count to tenAnd when I open them you\"re still hereI close mine eyes and also count againI can\"t think it however you\"re tho hereWe were strangers a minute agoWith a couple of dreams yet nothing to showThe human being was a placeWith a frown top top its faceAnd tomorrow was just, i don\"t knowBut the method you do me feelThe moment I am close come youMakes this particular day seem for this reason unrealSomehow i can\"t believe it\"s trueTomorrow will certainly you still it is in here?Tomorrow will come yet I fearThat what is happening to meIs just a dreamI close mine eyes and count to tenAnd once I open them you\"re still hereI close mine eyes and count againI can\"t think it yet you\"re quiet hereI close mine eyes and also count againI can\"t believe it yet you\"re still hereBaby infant Baby,I can\"t believe it yet you\"re still here

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Dusty Springfield mar Isobel Catherine Bernadette O\"Brien OBE (16 April 1939 – 2 in march 1999), well-known professionally together Dusty Springfield, was an English popular music singer who career expanded from the late 1950s come the 1990s. Through her distinctive sensual sound, she was an essential blue-eyed heart singer, and at her top was among the most successful British woman performers, with six top 20 singles top top the United says Billboard warm 100 and also sixteen ~ above the united kingdom Singles graph from 1963 come 1989. She is a member the both the united state Rock and Roll and UK Music Halls the Fame.

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Global polls have actually named Springfield amongst the ideal female rock artists of every time. She image, sustained by a peroxide blonde beehive hairstyle, night gowns, and also heavy make-up, made her an symbol of the … an ext »