For an ext than three decades, the immortal Hulk Hogan dominated wrestling rings across numerous different promotions. Also at the period of 66, Hogan is really hoping to have one much more match in WWE and he"s actually been do the efforts to get in shape for that to happen. Meanwhile, the has additionally been reflecting ago on his historical career through very few regrets, however if he could readjust one thing, it would be come never have used the leg drop together his finisher.

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If you"ve ever before seen a match with Hulk Hogan in it, friend pretty much know just how it goes most of the time. Need to Hogan come to be the winner of the match, he will "Hulk Up," beat his adversary a couple of times, deliver a big boot to his opponent, drop the leg, and also make the pin.

That is pretty much the formulaic device that he has actually used for years and also years, regardless of whether Hogan was playing the duty of a babyface or the of a heel. The "Leg Drop" is a relocate that plenty of wrestlers have actually used over the years, however it is associated with Hogan and it always will be.

If the were approximately The Hulkster, though, he wishes that wasn"t just how things were. Together a matter of fact, that honestly wishes he had never liked to use the leg drop together his finisher and also he"d go back in time to readjust things if that could.


Hogan newly spoke with the Los Angeles Times on a variety of topics, however he did update everyone on his health status. The former civilization champion has had actually "seven unsuccessful ago surgeries," and he"s actually booked to have an eighth surgical treatment with the hope that it might help.

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When it comes to the sad state of his back, Hogan claimed that that is due to him having actually to deliver the atomic Leg Drop more than 300 time a year because that decades. If possible, he never would have made that relocate his finisher back in the day."Everyone claims they wouldn"t change anything around their life. If i could adjust anything, it would certainly be my finisher. I would never use the foot drop. I"d usage the sleeper. All the ago surgeries I"ve had actually are because of that damn leg drop. I had scoliosis, brother. Dropping the leg because that 35 year did me in. I stated I had actually the biggest arms in the word, and also I should have actually used a sleeper hold or an additional finisher with my arms."Ironically enough, Hogan"s good friend and also former sign team companion Brutus Beefcake is the one who offered the sleeper hold as his finishing maneuver. One of two people way, the finishing of his lengthy career is just around upon us all, and he will constantly be recognized for hitting the huge boot and also dropping the foot to complete off his opponents.