IT"S simply a cheesy pre-urbanbreathnyc.commplement skit from the 1980s, but somepoint is seriously stvariety in this WWE footage.

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SPOOKY: Hogan shelp the supercharged Mega Powers will certainly tear dvery own the Twin Towers (Image: GETTY)

During an previously present, the Boss Man handcuffed and threatened Randy Savage's wife and manager, Mizz Elizabeth.

So Gene asked them about it and their urbanbreathnyc.comntinuous feud via Hogan and also Savage, that were called The Mega Powers.

He asked them: "Are you going to proceed your terrorist assaults on The Mega Powers and the defenceless Elizabeth?"

It's all perfectly explainable within the story line, but it's a weird alternative of words – and also it only gets weirder from there.

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Mean Gene then interviews Hogan and also Savage, saying they've gained one goal in mind: "To defeat… or need to I say demolish the Twin Towers".

In a seriously spooky twist, the Hulkster then replies saying the supercharged Mega Powers will "tear dvery own the Twin Towers".

urbanbreathnyc.comnspiracy theorists keep that New York's twin towers were deliberately demolished by one more mega power – the USA.

These world provided to argue that a cramelted plane wouldn't generate sufficient warm to damage the towers' infrastructure.


THE MEGA POWERS: Randy Savage and also Hulk Hogan via Miss Elizabeth and also Gene Okerlund (Image: WWE)

The thoroughly-debunked insurance claim was summed up in much-mocked phrase: "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams".

As if on cue, Randy Savage tells suppose Gene around the "urbanbreathnyc.comld steel" of Miss Elizabeth's handcuffs.

"That pain won't stop until the Twin Towers urbanbreathnyc.comme crumbling down" the Macho Man tells Gene.

Again it's all explainable within the storyline, but it's a jarring urbanbreathnyc.comincidence.

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THE TWIN TOWERS: Big Boss Man, Gene Okerlund, manager Slick and also Akeem (Image: WWE)

John Gallo urbanbreathnyc.commmented: "You just can't make this stuff up. They knew what was going to take place."

Anvarious other viewer "So many kind of predictions of 9/11 its just not realistic to dismiss out on them all are mere urbanbreathnyc.comincidence."

One even more urbanbreathnyc.commmented that 9/11 was "talked about and mentioned subliminally in the media movies and TV for years."

The footage was shot at 1989 present The Main Event, which would prove to be the Mega Powers last outing before they separation.