IT"S simply a cheesy pre-match skit native the 1980s, however something is serious strange in this WWE footage.

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SPOOKY: Hogan said the super charge Mega Powers will certainly tear under the pair Towers (Image: GETTY)

During an earlier show, the Boss male handcuffed and also threatened Randy Savage's wife and manager, Mizz Elizabeth.

So Gene inquiry them about it and their continuous feud through Hogan and Savage, that were referred to as The Mega Powers.

He request them: "Are girlfriend going to urbanbreathnyc.comntinue your terrorist assaults on The Mega Powers and the defenceless Elizabeth?"

It's all perfectly explainable in ~ the story line, yet it's a weird choice of indigenous – and also it just gets weirder from there.

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Mean Gene climate interviews Hogan and also Savage, saying they've gained one score in mind: "To defeat… or should I say demolish the pair Towers".

In a seriously spooky twist, the Hulkster climate replies saying the super load Mega Powers will certainly "tear down the twin Towers".

urbanbreathnyc.comnspiracy theorists keep that new York's twin towers to be deliberately demolished by one more mega strength – the USA.

These civilization used to argue that a crashed aircraft wouldn't generate sufficient heat to injury the towers' infrastructure.


THE MEGA POWERS: Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan with miss out on Elizabeth and also Gene Okerlund (Image: WWE)

The thoroughly-debunked case was synthetic up in much-mocked phrase: "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams".

As if ~ above cue, Randy Savage tells typical Gene about the "urbanbreathnyc.comld steel" of miss Elizabeth's handcuffs.

"That pain won't prevent until the pair Towers urbanbreathnyc.comme not correct down" the Macho male tells Gene.

Again it's every explainable in ~ the storyline, yet it's a jarring urbanbreathnyc.comincidence.

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THE twin TOWERS: huge Boss Man, Gene Okerlund, manager Slick and Akeem (Image: WWE)

John Gallo urbanbreathnyc.commmented: "You just can't do this ingredient up. Lock knew what was going to happen."

Another viewer "So plenty of predictions the 9/11 its simply not realistic to dismiss them all are mere urbanbreathnyc.comincidence."

One more urbanbreathnyc.commmented the 9/11 to be "talked around and stated subliminally in the media movies and also TV because that decades."

The footage was shot in ~ 1989 present The key Event, which would certainly prove to it is in the Mega Powers critical outing prior to they split.