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Yesterday i did a Hopper to Hopper recording carry from Hopper with Sling (new UI) over to a Hopper 3. Had actually to restart both Hoppers to acquire them to see each other throughout Ethernet but then lock detected and also the transfer began.It recognize 125 recordings top top the HWS and also brought them end one through one. It took around 9 hrs to perform the transfer. In ~ the end it claimed it completed effectively after carrying 114/125 recordings. 11 recordings to be lost and also did not appear on one of two people Hopper.I to be happy to have actually the bulk of my recordings transferred. Sorry to lose some old episodes of just how the cosmos Works and also Through the Wormhole yet over every the process worked well. Without an external hard drive linked I would have lost every the recordings.
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That"s great news. This comes Wednesday ns am receiving the Hopper 3 and also because the brand-new UI killed the EHD accessibility on my original Hopper i was hoping the the Ethernet deliver will work.
Good to hear. I"m law that best now in between my 2 hoppers through sling. One has actually a difficult drive that is acting a bit flakey and I desire to copy end as much as feasible before the journey goes bad.

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It, Hopper 3 come Hopper 3, carry does work. My original H3, around 3 months due to the fact that it was installed, went into countless restarts, dish sent a instead of H3. I have no outside hard drives, with conserved and/or however un-watched and then delete programming taking up around 25% the the HD. After ~ trying because that a couple of hours to deliver the old H3 files, as a team and/or individually, come the new H3 via the DVR menu and also an ethernet cable and also not gaining it come work, I referred to as DISH support and also was helped gain it, all 155 files, transferred. Learned something that day, that is no done native the DVR menu/screens, however via the settings/diagnostics, a couple buttons pushes before I saw bed and also by the moment I gained home from occupational the following day, it to be done. Thank you shout the end to the dish CS because that his patience and also help, discovered out i was just the second one he had actually helped do a H3 come H3 transfer, and also he learned a couple finer point out of how to execute this by what us experienced.