Semi-Patched, regions deserve to still be readjusted via progressed mode using quick cut tricks like ctrl+a to choose all ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to pasteSAVE wizard TEAM TOOK far THE SAVES original RAW SAVE layout IN progressed MODE, therefore CONVERTING will NO longer WORK IN GIBBED ETC.... Say thanks to THE save WIZARD TEAM FOR that ONE. Update 1: AmendedUPDATE 2: included a video.UPDATE 3: included another video clip by XcierFreedomUPDATE 4: revised TuT to do it less complicated for you come do.UPDATE 5: added modded conserves & video to display saves.UPDATE 6: saves v1.1UPDATE 7: simpler method, changed video clip as last was dated and updated links with brand-new batch filesYou will require PS4 save Wizard if using this method!, Sorry.This an approach can be provided to usage diffrent an ar saves and also convert from say ps3, computer or xbox360 to your PS4, (may require other decrypt programs because that xbox 360 and also ps3) simply save as xbox360 in gibbed before converting come PS4.I absolutely was no the founder of this in any way, I just write a tutorial because that those trying to edit a Borderlands 2 or TPS PS4 conserve in Gibbed, also I might not find any kind of mention of just how to execute this prior to doing this for this reason why I"m sharing.Credits to mine knowledge before getting started:afpdw - to update batch codesoODemonBoyOo - do me aware of this method.DOMIN8 - Gibbed codes & other stuff.Rick - Gibbed.pclifford - savefile.pyXcierFreedom - video clip With voice & various other stuffAnyone else i missed ns sorry!How to modify a Borderlands 2 or TPS PS4 conserve in Gibbed without PS3 for anyone wondering.

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REVISED TUTStep 1) Download python v2.7 no v3+ & Gibbed recent version!Step 2) Download my "Borderlands" folder below and extract it.

Step 3)
Now open up the save Wizard ps4 conserve in progressed mode and export the save to the place of the Borderlands folder.Step 4) drag and drop the exported save to the "Convert to xbox360" bat then it will create "xbox360save" so you can modify in Gibbed or whatever. (Open in Gibbed together an xbox360 save also).Step 5) After editing and enhancing in Gibbed or every little thing just save as noþeles or overwrite and drag and also drop the file on the "Convert come PS4" .bat command.

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Step 6) Import conserve "ps4_save_edited.sav" ago to conserve wizard via the progressed mode and click apply. (if button greyed out just click on a number and also overwrite it through the very same number).also contained towards end of video clip is exactly how to import any save from pc, xbox or ps3 come ps4.Their room a tiny amount of world that will uncover this useful, if ns knew about this method before ns wouldn"t have had actually to get a brand-new CID because that my ps3 yet oh well. Hope this helps, if someone wants to do a video that would certainly be cool.(ADDED 5 game SAVES + PROFILES)
Region have the right to be adjusted on conserves easy making use of the advanced mode method (import export)____________________________________ If you want to to buy me a Beer (Main) & LittleEvo (Banned) YouTubeBuFu_EVO