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Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a MMORPG set in the Star battles universe, in a duration preceeding the franchises"s movies by over 3,000 years. That was occurred by BioWare, a gamings studio owned by EA, and also was exit in December 2011. Over all, SWTOR is praised for its stories and also narrative immersion, v fully-voiced quests and story arcs for each the the eight distinctive classes.

Upon starting, players pick from 2 factions: the Republic or the Sith Empire. There are four classes in every faction which permit players to shape their very own story as a Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Republic Trooper and other iconic groups from the galaxy far, much away.

Players then journey throughout planets familiar and new, fighting for their faction and playing their component in a tense cold war between the Empire and also Republic. The base level cap was 50, despite has because risen in extend that encompass Rise the the Hutt Cartel, zero of Revan, Knights the the please Empire, Knights that the Eternal Throne and also Onslaught.

SWTOR Screenshot Folder

Taking a screenshot in Star Wars: The Old Republic isn"t all that hard, every you have to do is press the print SCRN switch on your keyboard. Because that most, the hardest part of the screenshot process is in reality finding where those darn things finish up. Thankfully, save Location has all the answers come questions like that. See help for her operating system below:


IMPORTANT NOTE: There"s an odd an insect for part installations the SWTOR i m sorry will cause screenshots to finish up in among two folders. One screenshot could end up in the an initial folder, but the following one girlfriend took could end up in the 2nd one. Most civilization think that their screenshots are going missing (which is a reasonable assumption), however in reality, SWTOR is simply mixing increase the locations they"re walk into. Make sure to check both that the below folders for her screenshots, they might end up in both.

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SWTOR windows installations will conserve screenshots in one, or both, of these two locations:


Your screenshots may be discovered inside your documents, in ~ the adhering to path:

%HomePath%\Documents\Star wars - The Old Republic\ScreenshotsThe over folder can be accessed by opened up record Explorer, walking to her Documents, climate going right into the Star wars - The Old Republic folder, and finally the screenshots folder:


Install Location

Your screenshot may likewise be discovered inside your game installation files. Discover out wherein your SWTOR installation is located, usually it"s:

C:\Program documents (x86)\EA\swtorC:\games\swtorOr where you selected during the surroundings process

After locating the surroundings files, merely proceed to the retailclient folder, and you should have the ability to find your screenshot in there.