Have you ever wanted to know how to shoot like Klay Thompson? In this post, us did an in-depth evaluation of Klay Thompson"s shoot form.

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We broke down every step of his run shot in order come teach friend why he is together an effective shooter and the little things you can take from his video game to boost your own shot.

Coming from who who has analyzed hundreds of shooting forms, Klay’s shoot mechanics room as close come flawless together it gets.

In this post, you"ll learn why...

Plus just how you can construct your own perfect shoot form.


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YOUR activity STEPS


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One that the major aspects of what provides Klay such a good shooter off the catch, is his preparation prior to the shot.

Off the catch, as soon as Klay is moving to his left, prior to he captures the ball, he generally plants his within foot. Klay is a ideal handed shooter, and because he is relocating to the left, his appropriate shoulder is currently facing the basket.

So as soon as he records the ball, he have the right to drop his hips into a hop and also immediately spring up right into his shot

When Klay is relocating to his right, his appropriate shoulder is earlier and encountering away native the net. Because he is a right handed shooter, this becomes a more an overwhelming shot.

So what that does to respond to this is that once going right, he often plants his external foot which gives him more leverage to turn and bring his appropriate shoulder front on the hop.

Planting your exterior foot is less conventional but because Klay has actually mastered utilizing both his inside and outside foot, he have the right to be in finish control that his timing off the catch.

Sometimes, turn off the catch, usually as soon as he’s already stationary, he anchors his left leg down and prepares his lower body and hips so the as quickly as he catches the ball, he deserve to step into the shot with his appropriate leg.


His upper body ready is exceptional and also unbelievably quick.

Many players space not effective off the catch due to the fact that they shot to place their hands and prepare because that the shot after they catch the ball.

What makes Klay Thompson so deadly off the catch is the he catches the ball with his hand positioned perfectly so the as shortly as the makes contact with the ball, he have the right to pull the ball straight into his dip and also quickly climb up to shoot without any wasted time or extra movements.

Whats even much more impressive around his ready off the capture is once the pass is no perfectly top top target.

Off a bad pass, plenty of players will have to readjust their hand position prior to shooting or not acquire the shot off at all.

When Klay gets a negative pass come his left side, most times, instead of overreaching v both hands and getting off balance, the is able to gain control of the round with his left hand while prepare his best side and lower body to shoot. No extra movements and also steps.


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After the dip, over there is a details point the Klay brings the round to prior to pushing the sphere forward.This is referred to as the setpoint.

At Klay’s setpoint, his arm provides a 90 level angle v his body. The ball is roughly forehead level and closer come the best side the his face.

He always reaches his setpoint prior to his feet leave the ground and also starts to press the round forward on his method up. For this reason he starts to press the ball forward simply slightly ~ his feet come off the ground.

Even though he does have actually a ‘setpoint’ the still has tiny to no pause in his shot and also that permits him to maximize the power produced by his lower body and the inert from his dip.

Sometimes, when klay in posting up or when he thinks his shot could be contested, he will raise his setpoint by pass the round up a bit greater to avoid gaining blocked.

In these situations, he will often pause for a bit longer 보다 he typically does


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Klay has his elbow in line v his shoulder as with most great shooters.

Earlier, we debated that due to the fact that Klay is a ideal handed shooter, as soon as he is going left, his appropriate shoulder is currently ahead that his left and also facing the basket, and also that renders for an much easier shot.

For best handed shooters, it is fully normal (and beneficial) for the ideal shoulder and also right foot to be slightly in prior of the left.

The interesting thing around Klay is that although that does have his appropriate shoulder ahead of his left, and his feet room slightly turned, he has his shoulders more squared than plenty of other good players and also shooters.

Note: All an excellent shooters (including Klay) have their shooting shoulder ahead of their non-shooting shoulder. As soon as I use the word “squared”, what I mean is that the end of all good shooters, he is as close together it gets to having your shoulders in line and also squared come the basket.

Now although he turns much less than many shooters, there are times once you will generally see him revolve in the air.

When his appropriate shoulder and right foot room behind his left side, the will revolve in the air, just like all other great shooters, to get his right shoulder forward.

Now, a fascinating part about Klay’s alignment is that normally, when a appropriate handed shooter has actually their right foot and also right shoulder ahead of your left side, they space perfectly aligned to the basket and also can increase up to shoot without having actually to revolve in the wait to produce alignment.

That is because he likes to have his shoulders a bit more square come the basket, when his appropriate side is much additional in front than his left, he will certainly actually spin all the means back around in the opposite direction to bring his left shoulder forward so that he can obtain his shoulders a bit an ext squared up before releasing!

Another time you will check out him turn in the wait is when he is shoot from really deep. Once Klay shoot’s native far past the 3 point line, that will rotate a lot an ext than he normally does. This is since from far, he offers rotational power to include to his variety and that reasons his shoot shoulder to come further forward than normal.

BALANCE & human body CONTROL

The reason his is able to preserve his kind and time his alignment perfectly even when rotating in the air is due to the fact that he understands how to stabilize and control his body.

You’ll notification that when transforming in the air, Klay will virtually always land more comprehensive than just how he started.

He walk this since spreading your feet or kicking out one foot while in the air permits shooters to boost their human body control and their balance.

This is a really amazing topic that I comment on in an ext detail in a separate write-up so if you desire to learn an ext about the scientific research of balance and also how that deserve to improve your accuracy, you can click this link right here.


On Klay’s release, his middle and also ring finger curl under while his table of contents finger continues to be up. Normally, the finger the goes under the most is the one the players use the most pressure through so if the table of contents finger continues to be up, it usually means that the player dominates v their middle finger.

Klay’s release does look similar to other center finger shooters. Yet there is additionally an write-up where Klay’s shoot coach talks about teaching Klay to make a V through his index and also middle finger. And that provides it seem like he could potentially conquer with both his index and middle finger. And there room some clips that show signs of this.

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But due to the fact that Klay typically keeps his fingers so close with each other on his release, it’s difficult to know for sure which finger he dominates with.

Because I wanted to be 100% sure, ns asked him but he hasn"t comment yet. For this reason if you’re curious as well, click below tore-tweet the inquiry from ours twitter page!