I have an iphone phone 4. I need to remove the pentalobe screws, yet i don"t have a pentalobe screwdriver best now. Is over there any method to eliminate them v anything else?

the only other screwdriver I"ve tried to be a very little straight jewelers screwdriver. Yet you better make certain that the fits all the means in and does not slip due to the fact that this can ruin her screws. You could want come wait and order the right collection from here

You can want to try a sharp razor blade!But you have to be cautious when making use of it though! It might not be an excellent to tighten the screws! yet pretty efficient in remove the iPhone"s external screws






This is a marvel of one idea, the sharpner tongue to open a really minute worn the end "plus" screw! Just organize the blade with a thin handcurchif to avoid blister top top fingers, put the screw assembly top top a thin sheet of fabric, use pressure through the blade however rotate no the blade however the fabric...screw simply comes out! Hurray! an excellent luck!

"10 sec solution:"

1) X-acto blade

2) stab the on difficult surface (choose wisely)

3) Stab again if not sized perfect to to the right inside

4) it should work

5) goodluck

I took the smallest flat head I can find (still as well big) and also filed it to about a 30 degree angle and also it surprisingly worked perfectly.

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ive succeded in opened them with a carpet knife. The optimal of the blade is sharp and also thin enough to open up them. So friend not have to pay or wait for opened ur iphone4

A level blade screw driver that fits between any kind of two that the 5 "lobes" might work or in between one out-pointing lobe and an the opposite in-pointing lobe... Unless they"re in there as well tight. The right tool (pentalobe screwdriver) is yes, really the appropriate choice. That puts the force basically same on the right areas of the 5 edges.

I tried a tri-lobe (security little area) indigenous Menards because that the tri-lobe screw because that the trackpad and it was too pointed to fit. A flatter tri-lobe is needed. I might have to spend the $$ and get the appropriate sized tools as I plan on having to perform some repairs. Then again, the tri-lobe from menards was just $2 so I could just try grinding down the guideline with my Dremel.

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For the trackpad screw, a tiny flat blade did job-related from one external lobe come the left or right of the opposite within lobe (depending if loosening or tightening), however it wouldn"t job-related on the smaller tri-lobed screws on the keyboard side that the trackpad as they were just too small for the blade.